Sevilla v Getafe: Week 4

Wait… why the bloody hell is not Quincy starting? Nolito???

Anything less than 3 points is a failure tonight.

Got back late from international duty, probably

That’s just shit.

Are you kidding me Nolito?

Disgraceful 1st half. Vaclik and Sarabia the only ones who weren’t awful.

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Nolito, Gnagnon and Mesa are shit. Our midfield is weak and the whole team is slow - even Berizzo’s Sevilla had more creativity.

What a disaster. We sign a 20 million euros left winger only to see him on the bench in a match where he should’ve started. If he doesn’t come in before the 50th minute, then to hell with all this. Machin showing huge signs of immaturity as a coach.

Still no goal since Rayo. Midfield & defense are absolute shit. Even looked like they were giving up in the end, as if we just played a knockout game in midweek. The hell is this?

Struggling so hard against getafe
this team is quite weak in EVERY position except navas and Vaclik.
That’s why i don’t understand some optimism here before season starts.

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WBY has to play more. Class finish. He was on.

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Fuck off. He was on.

Even with a goal stolen from us by the general incompetence of Spanish refereeing, the initial lineup was complete shit and it’s going to be a long season.

What’s worse than being slow? Being predictable! What’s even worse? Having a loser mentality! Yep, we got them all in one package!

That WBY goal should’ve counted, VAR fucked us up for the second time after that Mesa red card vs. betis, but nonetheless, we are plainly and simply SHIT.

82 million euros invested for this piece of crap play. Unbelievable…

Definitely. No matter how tired, Quincy should’ve started as he created some danger, or at least WBY. Nolito is utter crap, he somehow forgot how football is played while at City - a completely different player from Celta days, now he’s just pathetic.

Gnagnon shouldn’t have started - Carrico is more composed and solid. Mesa shouldn’t have started, Amadou instead (or even Mudo).

We shouldn’t rush with Machin, but if similar mediocrity continues, it’d be better to sack him before it’s too late and we regret it (e.g. Berizzo or Montella).

Heard that Every fans is booing CASTRO OUT in the stadium!!
The local fans really know what’s going on.

Gnagnon is so shit as a 15M that make Mercado looks like a rock in defense.
Castro and Caparros simply sign mesa just because Monchi wanted him in the past?
And now Monchi is doing quite shit in Roma… At least that’s what Roma fans think.

The left wing back should be Sarabia for now. Vidal wasted his time in Barca and look shit TBH.


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Castro is definitely a very weak President. We need someone like Cerezo ffs!

Andre Silva actually let me realize that WYB and Muriel are not that bad…
Looks at Valencia forward: KG, batshuayi, Rodrigo

Good luck going for 4th.

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Well that was awful. Gnagnon had the acceleration of a slug on valium. Mesa seems intent on self destruction by trying his best to get sent off every game and must hold some sort of record by losing the ball 3 times in under a minute. Vidal is turning out to be a big mistake and has done nothing to impress me up to now.

What has happened to our new game plan of moving the ball forward quickly, then shoot on sight that worked so well in the previous euro games and the 1st liga game v Rayo? We have reverted back to needing 20-30 passes to get the ball any where near the opponents goal only to give it away by trying to thread it through 7 or 8 defenders in their 6 yard box!

We can only hope that this was a “one off” and come Thursday and next Sunday there is a great improvement, otherwise I can see us struggling to stay in the top half of the league and not getting past the group stage of the Europa league this season.


Gathering from your opinions the performance was flat at best, unwatchable at worst.

Losing at home is disastrous, losing to Getafe is almost disgraceful. Nolito has probably lost it entirely and should be shelved, Vidal has been frozen out for too long but he was never a left back to begin with. Injuries have taken their toll but our squad was thin to begin with, we’re stuck with the Banega-Mesa tandem until January at the earliest. There’s simply too much (unmovable) dross that we can’t afford to play. Is there any opinion on Castro? Would like to know whether he’s just a scapegoat or is part of the reason we’re in this quagmire. I’m still pointing my finger at Arias and Montella.

Oh and VAR has royally fucked us up a second time, I thought it was supposed to help us?

Edit: I think Gomez was at fault for both goals, though Gnagnon was also asleep for the second, time to revert to a 4 man defence perhaps?