Sevilla v Extremadura [Homenaje a J.A. Reyes]

It was reported as the worst news that can ever be confirmed, and indeed it was. June had barely started, yet it felt as if summer had already ended. José Antonio Reyes Calderón had left Sevillistas for a third time, and this time, it was truly a goodbye.

What was special to me was his return to Sevilla. In hindsight, it was fitting because Navas was leaving us the following season. At that point, who knew we’d return to show why we were Kings of Andalusia?

In 2014, we lost 0-2 to Betis at the RSP in that Europa R16 1st leg. No worries, cause Reyes ignited the comeback by scoring the opening goal at the Villamarín.

In 2015, we went down early in the EL Final vs Dnipro. Krychowiak then levelled it up. Shortly after that came one of the sexiest reverse passes to find Carlos Bacca to put us ahead 2-1. You always knew Reyes was classy, and he proved it again that day. He was less involved in our 2016 run, but the 3-peat was complete, and we remained as Reyes de Andalucía.

I’m sure we all have endless memories of him, and so do many supporters of other clubs. He’s left us, but has left us with so much to remember and smile about. We’ll never forget you José. You will forever be in our hearts.



Lineups aren’t out yet, but here is the 19-man squad that travelled to Almendralejo.

At this rate Fernando and de Jong are going to be wearing numbers 2 and 3. :rofl:

Vaclik - 1
Corchia - 2
Kjær - 4
Gudelj - 5
Carriço- 6
Dabbur - 7
Nolito - 8
Ben Yedder - 9
Banega - 10
Munir - 11
Kounde - 12
Sergio Rico - 13
Pozo - 15
Jesus Navas - 16
Jordan - 17
Escudero - 18
Diego Carlos - 20
Oliver Torres - 21
Vasquez - 22
Reguilon - 23
Ocampos - 25
Gil - 26

So if we think who is likely to leave that leaves 3, 14, 19 and 24. Two players will be Fernando and de Jong, still two spaces to be filled. I reckon Carlos Fernandez will get a spot and I’m not convinced Wöber will leave as he offers options both at CB and LB.

The match is on YouTube.

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Most of the play on the wings. Nothing really through the middle. Not sure DeJong has touched the ball.

Gil and Ocampos have switched sides for the last few minutes with Gil on the right and Ocampos on the left. Gil has been the best player on the pitch for sure.

Goal! From a corner, Kjaer heads it home. Jordan with the corner I think. This is from a shot by Gil that just missed.

I can’t watch this game. Will try later on if still available.

Nice - DeJong doing what we bought him for. Jordan puts it on a dime at the far post from a free kick.

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It’s so hard to watch! Like the old golTV days.

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Nice just tuned in! Glad we turned it around. Good stuff!

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It is so hard watch when you don’t understand Spanish. All I keep hearing is the names and positions every so often.

We played decent overall!

Overall it’s been a positive pre season for us! Lots of players have a lot of game time under their belts. We have a full squad to choose from next week to start la Liga! We don’t have any serious injuries.

We are ready for the season now and won’t be easy at espanyol but hopefully we can pick up 3 points. Be interesting to see what we do in transfer market with the last few remaining weeks left!

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Couldn’t watch the game, but the lineup… disappointing. Why the hell is Kjaer still with the team? Ludicrous… too early to start doubting Lopetegui, but come on!

Still can’t believe Reyes is no longer with us… left so young.


Just watched the highlights… it would be a massive mistake to keep Rico for 2019-20, he’s just… piss poor at goalkeeping.

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Probably still tinkering or finding someone to fill the 4th center-back slot, it’s down to him, Gnagnon and Gomez.

Also saw the highlights. Rico can go, I’d rather let some Cantera get blooded instead.

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The trouble is who do we replace him with that isn’t going to cost money? (Rico I mean) sub keeper is a bit of an odd position to fill, if we want decent competition for Vaclik we should have signed someone much earlier in pre season.


I agree ShendM. I have seen enough of Rico now. He can occasionally be an ok shot stopper! However, he’s way too unreliable. Not commanding enough from crosses, not a leader and has poor communication with his defence. We need a better 2nd choice keeper to back up vaclik!

The latest on Ben Yedder is he interested in a move to Monaco! The exchange with Rony lopes and we could get about 25 - 30 million for him too! We still interested in Bergwijn, it could depend on how much we get for Ben Yedder, whether we reach Psv’s price tag for him!

If we get them it would be a great window. Although we could do with another right back and also another goalkeeper.

I would let Mesa, kjaer, Rico and maybe Gomez to go. However, we will see what happens. I’d keep wober as he more versatile and better asset to our defence! All in all, very happy with our ambition but these next couple of weeks are key in terms of getting 2-3 more players in and make sure we get rid of the right players out the club!

That’s the task for Monchi and Lopetegui. Plus hoping Lopetegui picks the best 11 available at present for Espanyol. Won’t be an easy 1st game but with the right selection and tactics we can win it! Vamos!

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My lord, Bryan Gil was on one! It’s like he don’t want us to sign another winger. He and Ocampos ran the show. Jordan got himself 2 assists off set pieces. Maybe we’ll get some of that production that Machín’s Girona team was good at.