Sevilla v Espanyol: Week 12

Promes starts over Ben Yedder. Escudero is back. Mercado comes in as the 3rd CB.

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A shame WBY is not playing, but I believe in Promes for tonight!

Barca lost vs. Betis (an embarrassing 3-4 at home, this could’ve been us if MATS wouldn’t have the night of his life), so a potential win vs. Espanyol tonight is even more glorious.


Encouraged by the returns of Escudero & Silva to the starting XI. Just hope Quincy can make the most of André’s layoffs. But the RSP should get us through this. ¡VAMOS MUCHACHOS!

Interesting that Gonalons is on the bench but Rocky Table isn’t

Mudo is super lucky that’s not red. VAR might flip this.

WBY/Muriel for Promes and Gonalons for Mudo need to happen sooner rather than later.

Gomez keeps him onside then is late in marking the run.

Mercado the weak link as expected, though amadou & gnagnon maybe much worse
And what the hell is promes doing?
His positioning is totally wrong

A pity if we won’t be up there in the “title race” while Alavas and Espanyol will.

I feel we can still get a positive result out of this one and we were just unlucky so far. Sarabia needs to fix his poor shots tonight and hopefully we’ll see WBY in the second half, Promes is far from quality.

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I think this midfield has run its course. There’s such a lack of protection for the backline. Missed Silva’s workrate & presence up top. Meanwhile Quincy is somewhere along the Mediterranean…

I don’t think Promes has found his role yet. Normally a LW, but Machín’s been forced to play him as support striker since the switch to 3-5-2. He sometimes drifts on the left for Sarabia to play from the right, but we give the ball away too cheaply to create chances from these positions.


Mercado!!! You set piece menace! Let’s get our 3 points now!! VAMOS¡!


Eat that you time-wasting assholes


Nunca. Se. Rinde. Miarma.



Thank god Escudero is back. Great fight Silva. Great ball Banega.

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La Liga is tight

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Yessss! Ben Yedder you legend! What a comeback and what a match! Vamos!! Brilliant performance by the team and manager! Fantastic atmosphere in the stadium. The fans were our 12th man!

Sevilla is rocking again at the minute! Very exciting title race! We may have another chance to go top, when Atletico and Barca clash after international break! :slight_smile:


We getting all our players back fit, which is great! Things looking good in Europe and La Liga!

Borja Iglesias looks like the type of striker Machin wanted in his 3421
We rely TOO much on navas even Escudero is back.