Sevilla v Eibar: Week 23


Let’s win this and get back on track.


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Navas and Munir make the bench, Gagnon didn’t.

Would like to have seen Gagnon playing and showing how much he’s improved, and Navas is fundamental. But it’s very interesting, let’s see if Wober can continue his integration, if Sarabia can return to form, if Banega can do his stuff, if Promes can reproduce his recent form and if WBY can bag a few goals.

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Eibar is currently the league’s poorest away side. Just win ffs.

Sarabia gets close in the third minute. Missed by a foot. Good play so far.

Our play has completely broken down in the last 5-10 minutes. Eibar deservedly ahead.

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Escudero is past it. And Orellana is destroying us.

We just don’t have it anymore. :frowning: I think folks have figured us out.

Fuck that ref; the game isn’t about you asshole. I hate when refs try to instigate shit.

This looks like one of those games where we desperately miss Banega

As the manager indicated with his arm waving, long ball. If you have two players up front and they’re not getting ball, then they might as well play in defence. With Sarabia as the trident, Silva and WBY, all we have to do is play long ball and move up, play the game in their half.

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Cucurella would look good on our left side.

It seems the “playing out from the back” hasn’t been coached out of Sevilla yet.

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I bet Lazio are loving this.

New kid ball watching on that goal. :frowning: We are in a really bad way

Well the positive is Banega will miss the next few one or two games!

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WBY with the goal nice run and a good pass from Sarabia. Then gets booked when the Eibar player will not give up the ball to restart. This ref!

Banega goes off and we score 2! Wake up Machin!

Conclusive proof that we are better without Banega.


Nice fightback, but this was unnecessary. Machín needs to sort this out. Why are we starting so poorly???