Sevilla v Barça: 1st leg CDR QFs

Today we face the 4-time defending Copa champions Barcelona without Messi & Dembele, 2 members of this supposed “new trident.” Advantage? Well, we also had a supposed advantage vs Real Madrid this weekend. I ain’t expecting much from this, I just want to see us compete. Here is the starting XI:

I like this from Machín. Amadou alongside Banega. It can either be the usual 3-5-2 or the seldom used 3-4-2-1. We shall see.

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Interesting lineup. Let’s see what happens. I’m glad Amadou is starting. Let’s hope he bosses and allows Banega to do less pointing and more footballing.

Bookies have Sevilla as narrow favourites.

Sheesh, should I just go to sleep?

VAR not going our way, anybody surprised?

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I thought it was close. A little lower and we would have been given the PK.

To be fair, i didn’t see it as a handball either. But such a long delay, jeez…

Banega is so out of form it’s sad.

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WBY with some nice moves but just missed the upper right corner. Juked three Barca players.

Love seeing defenders get dropped, but hit the target please :disappointed:

At least there’s some life in this…

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Malcom with his best pre-Fiorentina Muriel impression in doing everything but scoring. Best chance of the game so far

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Best chance for Sevilla - WBY hits it straight to the keeper and Escudero with the sky shot on the follow up.

Too many wasted chances… the ref clearly against us, VAR officials clearly against us.

I mean, what’s the purpose of VAR when they don’t give an obvious handball penalty like the one of Vidal? I’m in disbelief…

Disappointed with Banega and Escudero, satisfied with Navas. The others, indifferent.

Sevilla are scatterbrained, I want to see organization and I’m not seeing it, I’m seeing wishful thinking.

They’ll put Luis Suarez and Busquets on in the second half and that will be a different game.


It wasn’t obvious? I mean I didn’t think it was obvious. He extended the arm but it still hit his shoulder and not the arm. It would have been harsh to give that.

Amadou has been good too. Banega and Escudero a waste.

We got bossed by a Barça team with no end product. I guess it took these guys time to realize that we’re actually playing in the RSP and took the game to them, with WBY leading the charge. More of that last 10 minutes please? But can we at least start the half that way??

Still 0-0. Still 3 halves of football left in this tie. We must make the most of the next 45 minutes.

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It was a bit below the shoulder, not exactly the shoulder, which in most cases is given as a penalty as it’s considered handball.

Touched him around here: which I think is foul play and should have been given a penalty.

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Sarabia finally does something and Amadou misses a great opportunity. I hate when we don’t even make the keeper make a save.

SARABIA!!! Nice!