Sevilla Squad 2023/24

Time to start looking at the squad for next season? Who do you think will stay, who would you sell etc? Going to be a fair bit of business I think.

Dmitrovic - Stay

Bono - Would love to stay but think we sell

Jesus Navas - Probably stays, seems to have perked up end of the season.

Montiel - Tough one this, he has never really displaced JN, time to find another option?

Marcos Acuña - Stay (might be tempted by offers though)

Alex Telles - Rather see us find a young, up and coming option

Bade - Please sign ASAP

Rekik - I actually like Rekik and he is a useful squad player for CB and LB, Keep!

Marcao - Keep, but needs to improve injury record

Nianzou - If we can find a buyer, sell! Otherwise needs a season loan somewhere

Gudelj - Never thought I’d say this before this season but keep. His versatility in Defence and Midfield is vital. Have we sorted his contract yet or what?

Fernando - One more year?

Rakitic - Much improved this year… I can’t call this one if I’m honest, I’m torn over him

Joan Jordan - Too much of a liability, bye!

Papu Gomez - Easiest Goodbye for me

Oliver Torres - Frustrating player, probably keep one more year unless we get a good offer for him

Pape Gueye - Absolutely must sign!

Lucas Ocampos - Not a tough one, keep. Should never have loaned him out… Lope!!! :roll_eyes:

Tecatito - Needs to get fit. I’d be open to a sale if a decent offer came in

Bryan Gil - If we can get him on a season loan I’m on board

Lamela - Can be sublime. Can be awful. One more year see how we go for me.

Suso - The ultimate divisive player. I think we can upgrade, but need someone to want to buy him.

YEN - Back to the form that I always knew he had in him. Thank you World Cup for boosting his confidence again, must keep unless we get a silly offer for him

Rafa Mir - I still like him, and think there is a good player in there. Keep unless we get a silly offer

Gattoni - Not seen him yet, but he is young, and seems decent so he will slot in at the back regardless of who we have already.

Jose Angel - Time to move him on permanently, not good enough for a club of our stature

Kike Salas - I am intrigued to see how he does in pre season. There is a player in there, but might need a season long loan somewhere

Augustinsson - Goodbye

Delaney - Goodbye

Idrissi - Goodbye

Januzaj - Goodbye (in fact not even goodbye, just don’t ever bother coming back!)

Rony Lopez - Goodbye

Oscar Rodriguez - As I’ve stated before I think there is a good player in there somewhere. Sell if a good offer comes in, or loan for another year. Still two years left on contract

Ivan Romero - Season long loan, not good enough for our first team at the moment

Alfonso Pastor - Season long loan to a Segunda team for me

Pedro Ortiz - Would not be surprised to see him break into the first team squad next season

Juanlu Sanchez - Could he be our next Jesus Navas?


So from that I say our needs are…

1 X Goalkeeper (of course if we keep both Dmi and Bono then 0)
1 X Left Back
1 X Centre Back (Marcao isn’t reliable enough)
2 X Centre Midfielders
1 X Winger (2 if we don’t bring Bryan back)
1 X Striker (2 if we sell YEN or Rafa Mir)

We should also be looking at options for Right Back going forwards.

As it stands:

GK: Dmitrovic / Bono

RB: Jesus Navas / Montiel

LB: Acuña /

CB: Bade / Marcao / Gattoni / Rekik /

CM: Fernando / Rakitic / Gudelj / Gueye / Oliver Torres / Pedro Ortiz

WG: Lamela / Tecatito / Bryan / Ocampos / Suso

FW: YEN / Rafa Mir /

That’s 22 places with 3 spots open.


Think you just about sum everything up there, @SurreySevilla.

I’d definitely show the door to Jordan, Papu, Mir and Nianzou. I’m open to Montiel and Telles moving on also and Oliver, although they’re okay as back up if need be.

I hope we can keep hold of Bono, Acuna and YEN. With Bono, we may be able to cash in though and if he’s playing back-up to Dimi that may make the decision easier.

I’d agree that we need another centre back, possibly a back-up right and left back, two midfielders and maybe another striker to give us another option with YEN.

I’m sure it will be a busy summer for us that’s certainly been made a lot better in retaining and attracting players by us having Champions League status.


I want Nianzou to be good. But he has Gnagnon vibes written all over him. Who by the way didn’t play a single game anywhere in 2022/23 so fuck knows what he is doing with himself these days.


Next name that seems to be confirmed or almost at least, Adrià Pedrosa, 25, versatile wide leftside player. Couple of appearances for Spain under 21, 2 goals. Didn’t play much last year probably because he didn’t want to extend his contract. Don’t know much more but some extra youth, with some potential and will to prove plus versatility. I take those.

Gattoni and Badé the others. Not bad so far. Hope we collect a nice bunch before the season is already started and we lack time.

One thing is even more certain, headlines, trophy win, cl football… Sevilla is a hot destination :wink:


Can he stay at Istanbul for a nominal fee? Sevilla signed him on a free so 500k would suffice, anything to stop him from coming back to Seville other than 1) pack his stuff or 2) for travelling.

Gueye should stay but something must be done about him getting so many cards, he already got 3 red cards in half a season, factor in the bans and you’re looking at missing 1/4 of the games in a season. Another midfielder would be handy, as will a more experienced head in central defence. Gudelj can pop in defence or midfield as he likes.


is there any insight into our prospects on Sevilla Atlético? Carlos Álvarez is someone who really intrigues me, but have no idea if he is making any progress in our system. Valentino Fattore is another defensive player who I have my eye on.

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Valentino’s contract is up end of this month and I haven’t heard of a renewal yet which would be a shame.

In answer to the rest bar possibly Pedro Ortiz I don’t think any are ready for the first team.

Well, we got Ibrahima Sow who came into the picture a few years ago with that picture of him being huge amongst small kids. But his four goals as a striker in an entire season does not wow anyone.

Daniel Lidueña did well in u19 this season. 12 goals in 30 games (0.7 goals per 90’).

Iker Villar is a name I sometimes come across when talents are mentioned. Only played 900 minutes last season.

Bueno and Hormingo both rose from u19 to their very recent debuts this season. While Nacho Vizcaino joined the club at the start of this season and worked his way from u19B to Altetico at just 17 years old.

Other than that, I know as little as you do.


Still only 16 right?


Correct, turned 16 in January.

Physically or on his passport?


On a tangent, but can somebody let me know how/if I can become a club member (eg Red and White) to have better access to tickets and show more support for Sevilla FC?
Thanks in advance


Yes anyone can become a member. Red is the one that has seated status I believe.


Thanks Chris. I can’t find any details on official club site for application though. Wonder if anyone has applied recently, how they did it.


This is the page you need, But at the moment the portal is not working, try again nearer the start of the season


Thanks a lot, Brian.
Will try that :+1: