Sevilla on FC24

I know Chris does his FM stuff.but I’ve started a career on FC24 as our great club, trying to revive our fortunes. I tried to not go crazy with transfers but then I kept getting stupid offers for players so I ended up selling some I didn’t necessarily want to.

Matej Kovar (Leverkusen) - GK
Radu Dragustin (Genoa) - CB
Noah Mbamba (Leverkusen) - DMC / CB
Stefano Sensi (Inter) - CM / ACM
Michel Olise (Crystal Palace) - RW / LW / AMC
Bakaray Soumare (Made loan permanent)
Pape Gueye (Marseille) - DMC / CM
Nathan Tella (Leverkusen) - RW / ST
Pretty sure one or two more but I’ve gone blank at the moment

Nemanja Gudelj
Joan Jordan
Orjan Nyland
Adnan Januzaj
Kike Salas (Loan)
Antonio Zarzana (Loan)
Alfonso Pastor (Loan)
Diego Hormigo (Loan)
Manu Bueno (Loan)


  1. Marko Dmitrovic
  2. Federico Gattoni
  3. Adri Pedrosa
  4. Sergio Ramos
  5. Lucas Ocampos
  6. Radu Dragostin (on loan list)
  7. Michel Olise
  8. Stefano Sensi
  9. Rafa Mir
  10. Ivan Rakitic
  11. Dodi Lukebakio
  12. Mariano Diaz (on transfer list)
  13. Matej Kovar
  14. Tanguy Nianzou
  15. Youssef En-Nesyri
  16. Jesus Navas
  17. Erik Lamela
  18. Djibril Sow
  19. Marcos Acuña
  20. Pape Gueye
  21. Oliver Torres
  22. Loic Bade
  23. Nathan Tella
  24. Bakaray Soumare
  25. Noah Mbamba (on loan list)

Juanlu Sanchez
Alberto Flores
David Santisteban (on loan list)

Ideally I’d like another Striker to go in place if the loan listed players, and maybe another Centre Back.

Playing 3-4-1-2:

Dmitrovic (Kovar)

Sergio Ramos (Dragustin)
Bade (Mbamba)
Nianzou (Gattoni)

Olise (Ocampos / Jesus Navas)
Rakitic (Sow)
Soumare (Gueye)
Acuña (Pedrosa)

Sensi (Oliver Torres)

YEN (Rafa Mir / Mariano)
Lamela (Tella / Lukebakio)

I did also want Eberi Eze from Palace but funds are a bit low now so will probably wait as he would sit in the AMC role and I’ll move Sensi back to where Rakitic is playing when Raki’s contract ends at the end of the season. Not going to renew him nor Jesus Navas.

As an aside, it bloody annoys me that EA Sports have made the collars on the Home shirts actual collars rather than what they actually are. :joy::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Anyone wants to play online and get their butts kicked?

I think it’s crossover (xbox, ps5, pc) this year for online playing.


I’m still finding my feet a bit at the moment having not played FIFA 22 or 23.

I do have a question though, how the fuck do you score headers in this game? I put in so many nice crosses and corners and every single bloody time I end up smashing it 70ft over the crossbar with a header. I’m clearly doing something wrong. :man_facepalming:t3:

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No idea on headers. I don’t cross into the box often, but headers are not as effective as in previous versions.

Fifa 19 was the best for headers… it was a broken feature, all the headers went in.

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I actually bought it this year too, but haven’t played very much.

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I haven’t played since 19, so i don’t have the latest version. I think 22 & 23 are free on the gamepass service, but if any of y’all tryna get worked, just holla. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just to question the realness of the game, did they make Marcão as injury prone as in reality?

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I haven’t played enough to find out plus I ended up selling him, although now you’ve said that I need to check if I have injuries etc on as I haven’t had any yet.

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Going to restart this on a higher difficulty I think and try only do like for like Transfers In and Out (going to try stick to 5 for the first season).

Transfer Listed will be:
Joan Jordan
Mariano Diaz


I gutted my team on my playthrough. All I had left was Navas, Rakitic, Pedrosa, Ramos and Ocampos. I brought in some great young talent! Poached Arda Guler from Real, Garnacho, Eze, brought back Diego Carlos because is a rockstar and next season I pulled in Julian Alvarez! It is a fantastic team without a pot to piss in, but we win games!


That’s what I did but I want to try not basically buy a whole new team, especially not first transfer window hence why I am going to (try!) to limit transfers to a max of five.

I will invest in Scouting and Youth Scouts as best I can.


I wanted to do what Jim did, but I kept getting offers that I couldn’t refuse. So I ended up with Navas, Rakitic, Sow, Ocampos, Pedrosa, Neyland, Ramos and Soumare until he got recalled.

Also, since when did EAFC or whatever not reinvest the club success (champions league) into the January window?


I never really pay attention to money and when it comes in or when it goes out. I’ll be honest, I don’t manage a team well!


Right so I started a new save today, my previous was on Pro but it was too easy and I bought / sold too many players for my liking. Anyway new save on World Class, just got to before the first friendly so not played a game yet…

Players Out:
Fernando - Real Sociedad (€9m)
Joan Jordan - West Ham (€30m)
Januzaj - RB Leipzig (€13.5m)
Alberto Flores - Albacete (2 year Loan)
Dario - Spezia (Loan)
Marcão - (see below)

Players In:
Pape Gueye - Marseille (€10m)
Soumare - Leicester (Loan made Permanent for €6.5m)
Bryan Gil - Tottenham (€6.5m + Marcão)
Gonçalo Ramos - PSG (Season Long Loan)
Agoume - Inter (€4m, plan to Loan him out)
Mejibri - Manchester United (Couldn’t loan as he only has one year left on contract so bought for €2m and will Loan out)

Renewed Oliver and Ocampos contracts, will probably let Lamela walk at end of contract, although if I get a silly offer I might sell him rather than lose him for free. Really now I need a CM and a GK and I’m done.

As far as outgoings I want to sell Mariano but didn’t want to wait for him to go (he took ages to sell in previous save) and then miss out on Gonçalo Ramos so I decided to get that Loan done asap. Need to sell Nyland, but then not exactly sure who to bring in for him, someone youngish with a bit of potential I think, currently got my eye on Matej Kovar (Bayer Leverkusen) or Alban Lafont (FC Nantes).


Captain America Lol GIF by mtv

Wouldn’t it be nice? I’d be surprised if we end up making more then 3m from his sale… And more likely he’ll just sit on the bench making a salary for the next 3+ years. Always waiting for a coach to trust him like Lope did


Current Squad then…

  1. Marko Dmitrovic (GK)
  2. Federico Gattoni (CB)
  3. Adri Pedrosa (LB)
  4. Sergio Ramos (CB)
  5. Lucas Ocampos (WG)
  6. Nemanja Gudelj (CB / CM)
  7. Suso (WG)
  8. Pape Gueye (CM)
  9. Rafa Mir (ST)
  10. Ivan Rakitic (CM)
  11. Dodi Lukebakio (WG)
  12. Mariano Diaz (ST) :unamused:
  13. Ørjan Nyland (GK) :man_facepalming:t2:
  14. Tanguy Nianzou (CB)
  15. Youssef En-Nesyri (ST)
  16. Jesus Navas (RB)
  17. Erik Lamela (WG / AMC)
  18. Djibril Sow (MC)
  19. Marcos Acuña (LB)
  20. Gonçalo Ramos (ST)
  21. Óliver Torres (MC)
  22. Loïc Base (CB)
  23. Bryan Gil (WG)
  24. Boubakary Soumare (MC)
  25. Alfonso Pastor (GK)

Juanlu Sanchez (RB) (26)
Kike Salas (CB) (27)
Manu Bueno (CM) (28)
Hannibal Mejibri (CM) (32)
Antonio Zarzana (WG) (33) - About to go to Spezia for a 2 year Loan though
Diego Hormigo (LB) (35)
Lucien Agoume (CM) (42)

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I know, the transfers are either too easy or too hard in this game. EA really need to work on that system. Still I’m not going to say no to €24.5m from a €30m sale of a player I won’t use back into my transfer budget. :wink:

Fair to say the step up in level was sharper than I expected, first friendly a 0-3 defeat to Newcastle Utd. :sweat_smile: It was 0-0 at HT too.

Lineup (4-2-3-1):

Dmitrovic (Nyland)

Jesus Navas
Sergio Ramos
Bade (Gudelj)
Acuña (Pedrosa)

Soumare (Sow)
Rakitic (Oliver Torres)

Lukebakio (Bryan Gil)

En-Nesyri (Gonçalo Ramos)

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Second friendly a 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur, a late Rafa Mir equaliser, actually a 2-1 loss would have been harsh on me as I’m finding my feet now…

Lineup (4-4-2):

Dmitrovic (Alfonso Pastor)

Juanlu (Acuña)
Nianzou (Gattoni)
Gudelj (Kike Salas)

Suso (Lukebakio)
Pape Gueye
Rakitic (Sow)

Gonçalo Ramos
En-Nesyri (Rafa Mir)

Goals: Gonçalo Ramos, Rafa Mir.

Dmitrovic is an absolute beast so far it seems.

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