Sevilla Man U Tickets 4/20

Hi all,

Traveling to Seville next week and hoping to see the game against Man U. Any advice on the best way to get tickets?


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For now there are tickets only for members, but it will probably go to the general sale one week before or something like that.

Tickets will go on general sale from Monday 17th.
Bear in mind if you are from the UK
UEFA rules prohibit the sale of tickets by Sevilla fc to holders of ID/Passports issued by the country of the visiting team for European matches.
You will be asked for ID at the ticket office before they will sell you one.

Thank you both!

I am hoping to pick some up too. I had looked yesterday and it looks like it was posted already but the 17th is when sales go public.

Wait, really? So what does someone like yourself do if you are a British Sevilla fan but in Spain on a tourist visa(ie no residency card or whatever)?

Thankfully as a Yank it’s not a problem I’ll ever face, but I picture someone like @SurreySevilla getting massively screwed by that rule, if say, for example, he wanted to watch Sevilla crush his bitter rivals Brighton & Hove Albion in a UEFA match…

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I am British but have a Spanish residency card with photo ID, plus a season ticket.
I found out about this rule when we played Leicester. (this was before I had a season ticket) I had no trouble getting tickets for the group games, but as this match was in the knockout stage I was refused a ticket due to my only photo ID being my British passport or drivers licence, as before Brexit us Brits in Spain had no photo on our residency cards.
American & Japanese tourists in the queue had no problems.
SurreySevilla would have to get a ticket from Brighton & Hove Albion and sit with their fans if it was a match in the knock out stage. :crazy_face:


I was at the game the last round against Fenerbache and there were quite a few Turks wearing Fenerbache jerseys. We were right behind the Sevilla bench in preferencia. I would have to assume that those folk had residency cards under this rule.

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There are some away fan seats in the front rows of the preferencia. I think these are only for organised supporters club trips.

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Crazy result yesterday! I assume Sevilla will be in the white home kit again for the 2nd leg?


ask @SurreySevilla

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Well we are at Home so why wouldn’t we be?

I think Man Utd usually have White Change socks so can wear their Home shirt and shorts with them.

Of course they are just as likely to show up in their Lime Green third kit.

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