Sevilla FC vs Villanovense Copa Del Rey Leg 2

Match thread.

Time for some amateurs to perform well tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting eleven

Juan Soriano; Mercado, Amadou, Gnagnon; Promes, Roque Mesa, Mudo Vázquez, Nolito, Arana; Muriel and André Silva

Nolito, Gnagnon & Muriel … god help us

holy shit we are going to lose.

Villanovense 0 does it.
Big margin victory would be nice.
Victory + no injuries except Muriel even better :wink:

Looks like Sling TV is down here in the US, not sure if I can watch it.

haha Nolito is terrible

Sevilla all over Villarnovense like a rash, so easy that even Muriel can hit the post. frankly we could take off the two strikers for Ben Yedder to come in and show how to tap in. Promes takes some crazy positions, someone should have a word with him.

Brilliant dribble by Promes into the area and his shot is blocked.

Ball won’t go in.

Sevilla need to relax a little.

Half time 0-0.

Ball won’t fo in, Sevilla not creating clear chances, just tons of half chances. We need to change the lineup. Banega and WBY would do it today in my opinion.

But we really need a free-kick specialist, Banega is a bit hit and miss in that department.

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It’s all good as far as it doesn’t go to ET.

Our B team simply sucks, hence solid reinforcements are needed in January.

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Why is that no yellow or a red? should be a red no?

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Poor penalty by Silva but scores the rebound, 1-0. Goalkeeper pardoned of red and yellow.

/referee tonto

Sevilla warming up Banega, Gomez and WBY.

They cannot be allowed to score or WE are out

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Madre Mia, we have a free-kick close to the area and Gagnon takes it, it sails over everyone into touch.

Sevilla bring on WBY and Banega as requested but leave Muriel on the pitch !!!

… Finally Muriel off, Sarabia on. It’s a bit like torture knowing a goal against puts us out.

1-0 win for us! We did the job and we through to last 16. Next objective is Valencia away. Vamos!


We made hard work of it over the 2 legs but we are through that’s the main thing.
I thought Muriel did quite well at times tonight, a couple of inches to the left and that free kick from around 30yds would have been a spectacular goal, he won us the penalty and but for some great goalkeeping would have scored on a couple or three more occasions. He was much more of a threat than Silva who seems to have gone off the boil lately after a good start. His penalty was also very poor, their goalkeeper made his only mistake on the night in failing to hang on to the ball after Silva gave him plenty of time to see where it was going.

Nolito and Gnagnon were terrible once again, Arana too I thought had a poor game and Mudo seemed to be totally uninterested.

Let’s see who we get in the next round we all know that Barca, R Madrid & Atletico will be kept apart

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Muriel against 2B opposition, perhaps that’s his level. Still blasted a few shots high and wide though, and the one against one with the goalkeeper was straight at the goalkeeper though it did ricochet between both his legs before going for a corner. One good shot that forced a good save from the goalkeeper. Still not up to the job. If anyone played better than usual it was Wobby Table but then again, 2B opposition.

Silva not playing well at the moment.
Nolito continues to function at normal level, totally useless.

But Gagnon wasn’t too bad. In fact the defence was rarely troubled. Agreed that Mudo not at his best level but he did some great things and had no outlet, frustrating.

Arana is so basic, there’s really nothing much in his game to discuss.

3 weeks to the transfer window


There are some rumors circulating that we might go for Ianis Hagi. The guy looks quite good, who do you think we’d go for in January?