Sevilla FC vs Real Madrid Game Day Chat - 09-26-2018

Starting Lineups:

I know this system has helped us recently. But are we really going up against a 3x CL winning midfield of Kroos-Casemiro-Modric with Sarabia-Banega-Vázquez? Ok.

I fear a humiliation…

This will be bad

I have faith! Looking good minus Sarabia’s bad left foot so far.

Oh Ben-Yedder, that was gorgeous until the finish! What a ball by Mudo too


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The counterattack is back !


This is crazy! Vamos!

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ummm whoa. cant believe im missing this. 45 minutes left is a long time though. bring it home guys. stay focused.

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What on earth is going on? Lol…


All we had to do was take Mesa out of the lineup apparently…


This is beautiful to watch and well worth the money I just paid to get fubo tv. FIFA 19 comes out this week and will have the Pizjuan for the first time which is almost as amazing as this game!


Damn, how come we have not score 5 or 6…

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So much went right for us today. But there’s also a couple things i’ve been dying to see for a while: (1) a striking partnership; (2) Sarabia in central midfield. We got to see that at the same time. For Pablo, it’s more just a matter of seeing his versatility. But please, can we go back to having a striker duo?

Amazing result today! Let’s have more fun at a tough ground vs Eibar this weekend. We’re only 3 points off top spot. Go for it, no?


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No efficacy on the second half, but thankfully we finished business on the first.

3 golden points and a great overall match played vs. RM. They were about to steal a goal but it was VAR that saved us this time (although screwed us up previously).

14 goals in 3 games and only 3 conceded… have we ever done this?

It seems that our mojo is back. The key elements, Mesa not playing and WBY on a pair with Silva.



Hell yeah, Why not?

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Fantastic result and performance! We blew them away in that 1st half. The silva and WBY pairing is working like a dream.

We controlled the game and were solid at the back. We have our scoring mojo back! With Barca losing too, who knows la liga could be competitive again for the first time in years?

Hopefully we back these last few promising results with another win at eibar. Let’s keep the momentum up!

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so did I, turns out it was Real who were on the receiving end of it :smiley:

I almost bet €50 on Madrid last night, the only doubt I had was that Madrid are short on creativity without Isco. But I was sure that the Sevilla defence would leak at least 3 goals. Couldn’t have been more wrong, although Vaclic saved two goals.

We might even have a good season now, that didn’t look possible after two defeats in first four games. Every player played well, perhaps Arana didn’t shine as much as the others and the late subs didn’t get into the game and perhaps Carriço or Navas or Banega or Vazquez excelled the most.

The bad news is that both Arana and Vidal are injured which means we have to invent a left side player.

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