Sevilla FC vs. Deportivo La Coruna - Game Day Chat

N’Zonzi not called up once again. He is training alone, no injuries or anything, but simply Berizzo seems to want to make him pay the consequences of those irresponsible actions (as reported, arguing with Berizzo at HT while 0-3 down WITHOUT being the captain of the team; leaving the locker room early and going home BEFORE the match ends; not showing up the other day for training).

Also beside Pareja and Carrico (recovering) and Kjaer (precaution) every first team player is available.

It will not be easy vs. Depor, but very confident that we can get the 3 points tomorrow night.

I’d go with:


Corchia - Mercado - Lenglet - Escudero
Pizarro - Banega
Sarabia Nolito

Wouldn’t mind seeing Ganso there… or Muriel, or Navas, or Correa, so will be interesting what Berizzo has indirectly prepared for this one.

I’m sure that I read that Lenglet and Pizarro are both on 4 yellows, either of them gets booked today and they will miss the Madrid game

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Vamos sevilla! Let’s keep the pressure on the top 4!

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Today’s starting XI :

Mercado - Geis - Lenglet - Escudero
Pizarro - Banega
Sarabia - Vázquez - Nolito
Ben Yedder

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Vamos!! Big Ben strikes! Nice move and finish!

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Not a bad first half in overall. Geis should definitely be tried in the midfield a bit, let’s see how a pivot with Banega works for him, and up front Mudo or Ganso as AM. He is making some marking errors at CB and is a bit slow, but a good calm passer in overall and his set pieces are always dangerous.

A good work from Noltio and WBY there for the latter’s goal. We needed that lead in the first half, but we still need another one for a clearer mind and not to complicate things a lot. Depor are quite weak, but they can surprise from the counters, so Geis and Lenglet need to be very wary in the second half.

We should hang on to the 3 points. Expecting 1-2 more goals from our side and hoping to not concede any. Sometimes this team leaves a feeling that they need to concede in order to score or put a lot of effort on scoring, and it should change because not every time the luck is with us. Tonight might be a good start.

Also, Mudo not very good tonight, complicated and missed 2 great chances. Perhaps some time for Ganso in the second?


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Vamos! Krohn deli! Nice!

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What a :rocket::rocket::rocket: shot by MKD!


Good control of the game, important 3 points. Now let’s finish the business vs. Maribor on Wednesday!

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We are in a good place. If we qualify for champions league we made an amazing start in all comps! We still got copa del Raey too!

Once we get Real Madrid away game out the way, we got a great run of games. Plus we play all the big teams at home again later on! We still kept pace and only 8 behind Barca! We only 3 off valencia despite them being awesome and us not at our best yet. We grinded out most results, which is sign of a great team!

We currently keeping pace with the Madrid clubs and who knows we could get in the title race or at least stay in contention. Vamos!!

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Real Madrid drop more points lol! Plus they missing 3 key players for us next week! Happy days!

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Yep Casemiro, Ramos y Carvajal all out next week!

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Is it only me or Pizarro is resembling Krycho a lot lately? Especially the goal vs. Liverpool for the 3-3 draw reminded me of Krycho’s goal vs. Dnipro in the EL final in 2015.

Meanwhile, Krycho is struggling to get minutes in WBA of EPL, what a shame.

A little, but watching him some today I saw more last year’s N’Zonzi. Long and lean with a nice control on the ball.