Sevilla FC vs. Cartagena Game Day Chat (Part 2)

An unimportant game vs. Cartagena tonight. Won’t be able to watch it, but pretty sure we won’t have any issues for this one.

The official lineup:

Corchia Mercado Geis Carole
Ganso MKD
Borja Lasso
Navas Nolito

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I expect Carole will get turned over once or twice like he did in the first game but otherwise, no problems, if Ganso and Lasso connect there should be some pretty football. Weather a bit dirty and occasional heavy storms in the area so a small crowd expected.

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WBY goal - nicely taken.

Another WBY goal after Sevilla ping pongs it back and forth across goal.

15 minutes without a goal, come on :grinning:

Isn’t this a game where Muriel could get more confidence?

Isn’t this the game that some SAT defenders should be getting minutes?


Seems like there’s no interchange between SAT and the first team, possibly because SAT are in a bad situation.

Sevilla have eased off, and don’t seem interested in a goal fest.

Next goal could be Ben Yed penalty or Ganso but might have to wait a while.

Definitely taking it easy on them. Kind of a walk through at this point.

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Goal Ganso

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Didn’t have to wait too long

Now we’re going to swap Muriel for Ben Yed, no?

I like this new manager, Sevilla normally have to come from behind.

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Haha - what in the world will they talk about at half time?

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Second half, Correa for Ben Yed, there goes his hat trick

Wowee Geis now taking the corners on the left, next goal … could be … Nolito.

Not now, Muriel comes in for Nolito

what a first touch by Correa!

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It’s really useful to see Sevilla play against a team of 2b because you see how some players are at their level and others pass their level and stand out.

Nice performance by the team! Vamos sevilla!

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On to the next round. Draw on Friday?