Sevilla FC v. Real Madrid Game Chat

Layun Pareja Lenglet Escudero
N’Zonzi Pizarro
Muriel WBY

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It’s some form of 4-4-2 but with only 10 players.

Mercado missing from the lineup,

Mesa Banega Sandro Correa and Nolito on the bench.

Seriously, watch Caparroz for the nerves, I think he was shocked by his nerves after returning to a big job.

God I hate this ref. He’s got to get his TV time every time.

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Ref got that wrong, Nzonzi was first to the ball and no contact with the other player.

Sevilla very conservative in play, looks like they have a plan.

Very nice goal! Pareja to Muriel to WBY who actually puts it home under distress from Ramos.

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or was that mercado?

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Nope Pareja!

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I hate this ref. Let’s Real off from a Hand Ball and then gives Mercado the yellow for the protest. Terrible.

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Yes, good time to go 2-0, (BenY and Layun) just before half time.

Ref has been a pain in the ass.

At 1-0 the wife asked me if we could win this and I repied ‘If we get to 4-0’ then we stand a good chance’.

We’re playing like we’re relaxed at the back, not interested, then launching long balls for the front 2, it’s not a new concept but it works. Pity we didn’t try it against Barcelona.

Then lets Ceballos off for a dive, tells him off but no card. Mercado only claimed handball !!!

Wow… didn’t expect this. RM are playing their second team and we’re not even playing our first. Don’t want to jinx it for the second half so I’ll leave the short analysis after the FT.

However, 3 points tonight would be ENORMOUS!


3 would be nice Shen, also puts the wind up Betis.

Game of Thrones Stars are at the game today.

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minute 49, next 5 are critical for Sevilla, watch out, next time we press forward.


Well there it was, but Ramos didn’t want to score the penalty.

Could be 3 or 4-0 already but take care.

Sevilla eceptionally OK, I fear any changes, likely Sandro.

Sandro for Muriel would be my suggestion. and banega for vasquez

Possible penalty not blown by this ref, Sevilla look closer to 3-0.