SEVILLA FC - Levante (Game Day Chat / Round 16)

A bit late on this one, but here we go. Approx half an hour before the kick off, and we already have the official lineups:


Mercado - Kjaer - Lenglet - Escudero
Pizarro - Banega
Sarabia Correa

A strong lineup from our side. Perhaps just enough to get the 3 points tonight. Levante are not a joke of a team though, they can harm the opponents if not taken seriously.



Vamos sevilla!


Hopefully Ganso keeps feasting on the tiny teams

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We need a little luck because the confidence drained out in Madrid.

Sergio Rico proving that a broken clock is right twice a day with very important save. Sevilla impotent and cannot get out of defence.

this game is crazy. that slide tackle was incredible. but my god we are getting exposed on their counters. and yet, largely dominating? weird game so far. miracle there arent any goals.

wow. i thought ganso missed, but goalie parried it. tough ball to put much pace on given it was deflected and floating in the air. goals will come. for who? im not sure.

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ps. give rico some credit. that save was incredible. from that range it required some luck too, but he was in the right spot and his reflexes were just fast enough to parry that ball over the crossbar. saved what would be a goal 9 times out of 10

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holy shit what a free kick. off the post then deflected off ricos foot and fortunately out. this game is wild. very lucky there.

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We’ve passed the luck test with flying colours, now we have to up our game.

Banega and Sarabia have been pretty shit so far

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Banega has been shit for months.

Weird match. One of the sides should have scored by now and the rain is not making the match any better.

Hopefully we can somehow get the 3 points… the game system is still very very hard to comprehend and we are mostly playing from the wings, neglecting the midfield.

Also what ever happened to the counters? Not even trying at all?

Thought this would be a struggle. Just got to find a way to win! Vamos!

WBY spends more time on the wings than he does in the box.

Correa going on runs and getting fouled is our best weapon so far, sad. But he’s up for the game and might achieve something.

Sevilla are warming up the wrong players. MKD for Banega might solve it, but Navas won’t.


Nzonzi replacement?

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Kjaer is really good at the standing tackles.

Mbia yes.

Sevilla have upped their game enough to win. Lets see.