Sevilla FC in the LA Times!

I was pretty surprised about this coverage so far from Sevilla:

Hope everyone here has a happy new year!

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I’ve seen many versions of this article over the years, and still we have yet to make a sustained title push. Perhaps in the 1st half of the season, but the team burns out in the 2nd half. Just goes to show what effects finances have on squad depth.

On the flipside, I’m constantly looking at teams looking to break in among the “elites.” So far i see RB Leipzig who are improving every season, but the means in which they used is a whole other debate. In terms of sporting achievements, Atalanta in Italy have been very impressive. All their work has stemmed from player development, and working within their means. Winning Serie A is perhaps to far a dream, but where they are is a testament to not relying on foreign investments / big budgets.

What i am happy about with Sevilla, is that we’re a representation of ambition for teams looking to make that next step. We still have a ways to go, but looking at the club’s structure, and the current landscape of La Liga, who says our push couldn’t come any sooner?

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