Sevilla FC - Fifa 18 Rankings

82 Atack
83 Midfield
81 Defense

I think Mercado and Correa had the biggest jumps in rating from last year; not counting the new guys.

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Interesting 4-3-3 you got there. Would love to see how it works irl.

I got this from some website. I would like to see this formation in real life though. I think Lenglet is a little under rated and MKD is overrated. Other than that, pretty spot on I would say. Probably our best rated roster that I can remember from some 10X years playing Fifa.

Escudero could be higher given his performances, Lenglet I’m ok with as he has room to grow, I think Pizarro could be higher too but FIFA is always skeptical of players coming from lower leagues, and where’s Ganso?

Might get a copy of Football Manager this year, the team still has a few holes but nothing too hard to tackle.