Sevilla FC English content

Hi there, guys! I’m Dan, the guy in charge of English at Sevilla FC. I’ve been in the job now a couple of years and usually it’s just been me, with at most another person to fill in a couple of days a week. We’ve expanded lately, and now we have two full-time employees, and two interns working a good few hours. In other words, there’s a lot more hands to create new, and improve old, content.

  • As Sevillistas, what would you like to see the club do in English? This can be from the website, to our English channels on Facebook, Twitter, or even to new channels.

  • Is there any of the content we already produce that we could improve? We’re now able to subtitle more videos, for example.

Looking forward to hearing your guys’ responses.


Hi Dan! Welcome on the forum. It would be cool if you guys could to do those gamey type of things with players. Ajax and Barça does it aswell, I think those would connect fans more closely to the club and also attract more new fans. I’ll give you two reference links;

MOST LIKELY TO | Ter Stegen & Frenkie De Jong - YouTube (Barça)
'Is dat niet de 50?!' | AJAX FOOTDARTS #5 | Matthijs de Ligt vs. Frenkie de Jong - YouTube (Ajax)

This is the first thing that came to mind, if I think of some other things I will comment that aswell.


Hi Dan,

I don’t know if it falls under your scope, but as someone who follows the Cantera reasonably closely, I’d like to see more of the stuff on Sevilla Atlético and below a lot more accessible to English speakers.

I get by where I can, but sometimes I struggle to understand everything.

Thanks, Jim.


Hi Dan, last time I bought away tickets in 2020 you must do the proces in spanish version and for non spanish speaker is complicated process to go over with. The tickets section is not translated much. With membership process I saw some progress and is easier in english now.


Hi Dan - I like what they do at a lot of EPL teams in terms of youtube activities. Not sure if you have any influence in that but that would be something that we’d all love to see. Questioning the fans after the matches, doing trivia and similar with the players - even if it’s not 100% in English then at least have subtitles for it or a mix in between.


Yes, English subtitles for any YouTube content would be great. But i can imagine it is not easy


Hi, Jim. That should be more than possible, we’ll keep a closer eye on the Sevilla Atlético account and keep you more up to date.


Yeah, more engaging content on YouTube and TikTok is definitely my main goal at the moment. It’s a tough process at the club because the videographers and editors are in the TV department who are used to more traditional medias, but ‘funner’ content is something the English team are pushing for.


It’s certainly time-consuming but we’ve got the work force to work through more now. We always had the behind the scenes videos in English, and we’ll push to make more on the interviews available as well.


Thanks, Jakob. I will mention that to ticketing so we can translate the page better.


That’s definitely something we’d like to see. In discussions with the Spanish social media team I’ll bring up some of your ideas.


English speaking guests on the Monchi’s Men podcast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: