Sevilla FC Draw Lazio in the Round of 32 for Europa

Lazio in round of 32.
Meet our old friends Luis Alberto, immobile and Joaquin Correa.

They’re beatable… but this is the toughest team of the unseeded group, maybe on par with Sporting, Fenerbahce and Shakhtar, not really sure on that though.

Our old friend Martín Cáceres is on the squad too.


The home leg has now been switched to Wednesday the 20th Feb with the stupid kick off time of 18:00 when most fans will still be at work!
This is because They can’t have Betis & Sevilla playing at home on the same evening. This bit I can understand as it would be a logistical nightmare for the police etc. But the timing has to be down to the TV companies who will have all the CL games to show later on Wednesday. The fans are way down the list when these decisions are made, it stinks.