Sevilla FC Continues Lawsuit Against All Parties in the Vitolo Ordeal

The club after analyzing the study by legal experts understand that there are arguments to defend their interests
The Board of Directors of Sevilla FC , met this afternoon at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan has agreed, after analyzing the study by legal experts in the field of the so - called case Vitolo , sue all parties involved in the same court Justice to defend their legitimate interests.

As is known, the now former Sevilla player Víctor Machín, Vitolo, left the discipline of Sevilla FC last July to anchor in the UD Las Palmas as a precursor to his arrival at Atletico Madrid , next January after eligible for unilateral termination clause of his contract despite having agreed to renew his contract with Sevilla FC a few hours earlier .

The governing body of Sevilla FC considers, following the study carried out by experts who consulted the entity that there are sufficient legal arguments to assert the renewal agreement reached with the player , so will demand to everywhere in defense its interests and its image.


The contract was sufficiently in vigor with a combination of verbal accord and signed testimony. The enticement of the player at planning stage could be construed as a hostile act and furthermore, contributed to disruption of planning (key Spanish player) with resultant consequencial costs and disruption suffered by Sevilla FC

(takes lawyers hat off)

So hand over another €10m you plonkers and don’t mess with EL SEVILLA.

Don’t expect a quick resolution but it’s the right decision.

I believe that Sevilla should pay Las Palmas their share of the Vitolo clausula. This case is going to litigation and possible the justices. If no agreement is reached between the parties involved (three clubs, two agents and the player) then it will go to court where the judges may not look kindly on Sevilla’s non payment of the clausula % owed to Las Palmas. Sevilla should maintain their ‘injured party’ stance and let nothing stain their case or muddy the waters.

If Sevilla win outright, someone will have to pay more clausula, €10m more and possibly damages, without a crystal ball it’s difficult to say who. It might fall on Las Palmas, the player, his agent or Atletico. If it falls on Las Palmas then it would be the most expensive loan agreement in history and Atletico get off scott free. That would be a salutory lesson to conniving club presidents.

All Sevilla have to lose is their legal costs.

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