Sevilla - Eibar

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I honestly didn’t realize this week is a Champions League match day (the first of the year, no less!) until I saw that RM, Barca, Atleti, and Sevilla are all playing today. This is always a tricky turn, from international break to La Liga to European match within a week, so it’s nice that Sevilla has a relatively weak opponent today, Eibar.


I don’t think it’s a controversial statement to say Sevilla haven’t impressed yet this season. It’s reasonable to at least partially blame Banega’s absence, I suppose, though the team wasn’t exactly setting the field on fire before he was ejected in our first game of the season. Whatever the reason, I’m not really thinking today is the day to hope for Sevilla’s world-beating performance given that we’ve got a bigger, tougher match on Wednesday. So I suppose I’m just hoping for 3 points, regardless of the aesthetics, stats, or even scoreline.


On that note, let’s do this: nothing flashy, nothing even great; just 3 points. Vamos.

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I know we have a busy schedule this month, but until we settle on a regular first eleven, it’s hard to know the potential of this squad.

For me, the only 4 automatic names are Nzonzi, Banega, Rico and Escudero.

Interesting that Geis already makes the bench, along with Juan Soriano, Kjaer, Corchia, Tucu, Mudo and Montoya. It will be good to have Mudo back.

Fingers crossed, we can get the 3 points. Will be a great start if we can win! Would put us in top position temporarily too! Vamos!

I’m not sure how exactly that is set up. Sarabia at CAM I guess?

Resting Banega after the international break (edit: he’s still suspended), although Mercado starts. He only played Argentina’s first match, suspended for yellow card accumulation for the second (stunning).

I really hope this means we are saving Corchia for the Liverpool match. Correa as well.

Vamos Sevilla!!

Looked on sides there. Really close either way. Great look from Nolito.

Sarabia is not a box to box CM. He’s gotta play on the wing or as a CAM.

Damn if only we could, you know, score goals.

Yeah I don’t understand the experiment. He was our best attacking player last year. Why mess with a good thing.

Great passing sequence though. Sarabia>Nolito>Ganso>Ben Yedder and off the post

We’re loaded on the wing, so I kind of get trying to find him playing time elsewhere. But you can’t ignore his production.

Ben Yedder has improved his passing and hold up play

Too bad he hasn’t improved his finding the back of the net.

Come on Nolito. What a ball by Sarabia

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Nolito extremely useless… what is happening with him?

I thought he played well, just couldn’t finish.

He’s made some things happen when he’s cut inside, but he’s gotta score there.

I miss Celta’s Nolito… it seems that EPL ruins some players… not Navas though, MOTM so far.

Lol Ganso again.

Much better, Nolito.

Vamos! Nice one ganso! Let’s build on it!