Sevilla Atlético & Sevilla C

Sevilla Atlético lose 2-3 at Home against Don Benito and still lurking around Mid table. Lara and Mena two lads who have been around the first team at times on the scoresheet.

Sevilla C play later today at Arcos CF.

C team lost 2-0, and face top of the table Ciudad de Lucena this coming weekend.

Sevilla Atlético travel to Atlético Sanluqueño.

Sevilla Atlético won 1-2 at Atlético Sanluqueño, which now moves them within 4 points of the Promotion play off places. Ibra and Chacartegui with the goals.

The Bs face my sisters local team Balona on Saturday, who sit one place above them in the table.

The C team beat Ciudad de Lucena 1-0, but find themselves 10 points behind the promotion play offs now. This weekend they travel just up to road to face Coria CF.

Sevilla Atlético managed a 1-1 draw against Balona thanks to an injury time equaliser. The C team also drew 1-1 Away to Coria.

This weekend The B’s travel to Marbella, the C’s host Xerez Deportivo.

Forgot to do last weeks results:
Marbella 2-1 Sevilla Atlético
Sevilla C 1-0 Xerez Deportivo

This week Sevilla Atlético lost 1-3 at home against El Decano, Recreativo Huelva and now sit thirteenth, just 2 points outside the relegation places.

Sevilla C don’t seem to have played as the Tercera seems to have had a week off? :confused:

Sevilla Atlético drew 0-0 Away to Granada B, Sevilla C lost 2-1 to Antoniano who I believe play Real Betis this week in the Copa Del Rey.

One more match day next week before Christmas, Sevilla Atlético host Villarrubia, the C team host CD Rota.

Obviously last games in the lower Leagues for a couple of weeks the weekend just gone, Sevilla Atlético with a 0-0 draw against Villarubia which leaves them just two points above the Relegation spots now, and some twelve points off the last promotion play off spot. Seems the team are in a downward cycle at the moment, not sure what talent if any are coming up through the canter currently. They travel to face Real Murcia Away in their first game of the New Year.

Sevilla C picked up a nice 2-0 victory against CD Rota, two goals from Casas. The team sit seven points off the play offs now, but ten above the relegation places, and will have a Bye week in the first week back in January as it was their turn to face Écija Balompie who sadly no longer exist.

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Sorry I keep forgetting to update this thread since New Year. So Sevilla Atlético results:

Real Murcia 2-2 Sevilla Atlético
Yeclano 1-0 Sevilla Atlético
Sevilla Atlético 1-1 Badajoz

The team now sitting 15th, one place outside of the Relegation places, on 23 points, 3 points clear.

Sevilla C:
Away walk over Win where they should have played Écija Balompie
Pozoblanco 2-1 Sevilla C
Sevilla C 2-1 Gerena

The C’s are sitting comfortably in 9th, 13 points above the relegation zone, and only 4 points off the promotion play offs, which of course is useless anyway as they won’t be able to compete / go up given how crap the B team are doing. In fact if anything they are more likely to get relegated should Sevilla Atlético go down anyway.

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Did any of our teams play against Sandhausen of Germany today?

Which one if so, I’m confused…

I saw that fixture and thought it was a mistake. But Sandhausen’s twitter account shows that they had a friendly. Against which Sevilla side? I don’t see anything on our side.

“The coach liked the courage of his team against a Sevilla full of young players, which Koschinat nevertheless described on the club website as a “strong team”.”

Whatever that means.

So Sevilla Atlético beat league leaders FC Cartagena 1-0, a goal from Juanpe. SA keeper Alfonso was the MotM too, the big boss Lope was in the stands to watch the game too.

Sevilla C also picking up the result running out 0-4 victors away to Puente Genil.

Next weekend the teams face:
Cadiz B vs Sevilla Atlético
Sevilla C vs San Roque de Lepe

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Sevilla Atletico beat Algeciras 3-2 with Kibamba scoring in the 94th minute. It was 1-2 for Algeciras at HT, so a nice comeback (opponents had a red in the second half though).

Only 8 points from the last spot that sends to Segunda playoffs, any chance we can capitalize on the great form and do it?

Good because Algeciras are shit c***s. :grimacing:

Been slack on here again… My bad! :sweat_smile:

Sevilla Atlético beat San Fernando 1-0 today in the Segunda B4, 10 points off the Play Offs, 6 ahead of the Relegation spots.

Sevilla C drew 1-1 against Xerez CD, sitting 5 points off the play offs (although no point looking at that as Sevilla Atlético clearly aren’t going to get promoted anyway).

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