Sevilla at Valladolid: Matchday 31

Never thought i’d see Promes play LB again, but here we are. It’s another huge opportunity in our fight for 4th place. Although Getafe just dealt with Athletic (1-0 win), yesterday’s Valencia loss gives us the chance to create a gap with them once more.

Lucha por lo que amas!
Vamos mi Sevilla!

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Mudo gets Ben yedders goal dissallowed for pushing. Carrico having a nightmare

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A bit weak there. A clear push, but a great acting job.

Mudo jeez. Why? Immediately thought it was too good to be true for us to score on a corner…it was


Nerve-wracking 1st half. Valladolid couldn’t believe the chances they were getting which is why they wasted them.

We aren’t doing enough when we had the ball. The last 10 minutes were a bit better, so i’m looking forward to a bit more of that directness.

¡Vamos muchachos!

Strange how comments disappear, can’t see comment 2 and 3 but 4 is OK, they seem to disappear on the scroll down, it’s same on Tablet and PC.

Anyway, the refs are killing us, nothing to do with the VAR goal disallowed, I counted 7 Sevilla fouls in the first 12 minutes, none against Valladolid, they had an offside centre, our keeper was whacked in the stomach,another offside in the same move, and they hit the post, I don’t know if the ref decided offside or foul, but otherwise nothing against Valladolid. Then it evened up a bit, we were getting a better share of the decisions but 2 yellow cards, they’re killing us, same last week. I’m really fed up with it.

As for the team, we don’t seem well positioned or to have positional sense and we have too many mental midgets on the field, grand master being Banega, followed by Mudo, Sarabia and Promes, all great players but not gifted in the art of war.

Hard to believe but Vazquez seems to be getting even slower this season.

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VAR has damaged us so much this season it’s unbelievable. That slight push is not given as a foul 9 times out of 10 as such pushes happen a lot in the box and referees often ignore them. This way, every opponent player could fall with slight pushes and a team could never score from a set piece.

Gonalons is too clumsy and doesn’t offer anything to the game. I’d field in Amadou, at least he’d be a threat in the air.

Munir is devastatingly weak, contributes nothing and runs like a headless chicken with no physical power whatsoever, gets bullied from opponent defenders all the time.

Sarabia has 1 decent game and 4-5 average to sub-par ones. Do we really need this kind of player? He’s very good don’t get me wrong and I like him a lot, but he won’t cut it long-term if we want to build a highly-competitive project with Monchi. Also, Sarabia performs best when he’s assisted by a great right-flanker like Navas, who is undisputedly our best player this season and we’re too dependent on him.

Others quite average and need to step it up. I still think we can win this one but it’s going to be hard, the only one that I like so far is Soriano who I’d keep as a second keeper for the next season as well.


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Same here, comments disappear while scrolling and I mostly use PC.


He never misses that. I don’t think I’m missing comments on mine. There is a new version of the software that I need to roll out. Maybe there is a fix in there.

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Agreed on Sarabia, when he’s on he’s on but when he’s off he’s unplayable. If it was a one game on one game off I could bear with it but he only has a masterclass once every month, too much of liability there. If he stays as a squad player then fine but if he thinks he’s the next best thing let’s just let some dumb premier league club plump for him, with his stats we can fetch 40m easy.

And I thought we were through with fielding both Mudo and Banega, everything goes in 0.5 speed, one if not should leave at the end of the season before it strangles the life out of the midfield. Promes tries but LB or left wing probably isn’t his forte.

Changes needed, and fast.

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Wow! The actual change we needed. Bryan do ya thing!

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Wow Mesa on for Gomez; not sure i understand that sub when we are trying to kill the game off and at least get a point.


Wow - What a brilliant sub! haha VAMOS

That’s how you play a pass Munir!!!

Bravo Gil!

Gil was the difference maker. Start that kid!


This game could have ended very differently. I dunno if my heart could handle more away trips like this man… :weary:


Credit to Caparros for making the changes he did. Please discard Vazquez for the derbi

Mercado our best player today I thought.