Sevilla at Simba (Tanzania): Club Friendly

Arana still can’t make the starting XI?!? Lord have mercy.

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Game is available on Youtube:

Kjaer falls over and opens the door but Soriano saves.

Promes fires over from close range, could have scored, it’s only 4 minutes in !

Sevilla defence slow to get back and utter failure to close down with sufficient players, 1-0.
Gotta say, every attacker was not closed down by Sevilla, any one of them could have scored.

2-0 on 15 minutes Gomez’ fatal backpass leaves Soriano stranded. We’re gonna get slaughtered here.

2-1 no idea who scored, think it was WBY.
Mudo playing next to useless

It was Escudero

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I was just making a cup of tea :grin:

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3-1 and it was literally 3 against 1.

Defence AWOL ???

Sevilla’s away form in full display

This is so embarrassing.

This is worse than Betis allowing two goals by DC United’s 3rd teir members.

Kjaer doing his best to hand them more goals.

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Kjær’s triggering my PTSD from that Slavia Prague 2nd leg.


We can’t allow these counter attacks, we’ve had a 3 against 1 and a 6 against 3, not fair on our goalkeeper. At the other end our numerical advantage hasn’t produced much, largely because Mudo has stuffed up, we had a 4 against 1 and he played the worst possible pass to the one sole defender, shameful. It’s just a friendly but reveals a lack of organization and discipline.

Nolito has looked OK but I’m starting to think ‘Sell the whole freakin squad’

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Banega wearing the armband :rage:

2nd half setup:

Aleix - Gómez - Gnagnon - Arana
Amadou - Banega
Bryan - Nolito - Promes

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Bryan does the work for Nolito 3-2

Wow Bryan. I love this kid.

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