Sevilla at Real Madrid: Week 20

We’re about 2 weeks removed from the battle for 2nd place vs Atlético, which ended in a 1-1 draw, and now head into a fight to remain in 3rd. Our form is far from its best (D W D D L), and it’s our performance away from the RSP that’s been the main culprit. I read a stat the other day that in the last 7 seasons, when playing away to Real, Barça, Athletic, Atlético & Valencia, we’ve earned only 4 pts out of a possible 99 {@pedritonumeros}. Let me add that this exact fixture ended 5-0 last season, and that was the score at halftime. Okay, enough pain for one post. Yes, Real Madrid aren’t playing their best football at the moment, but we’re both level on 33 points. Need I remind y’all that Mateu Lahoz is the ref?

In terms of team news, Mesa is out injured from last game, and Gonalons is still recovering. Arana is dropped as he’s reportedly on a move back to Brazil, also Gnagnon is dropped due to the coach’s decision. He’s arguably been our best defender of late, so are we throwing in the towel early? The 18-man squad is as follows:

Our 17yo attacker Bryan Gil is picked once again, and is beginning to be such a delight to see play. He got a longer runout in the 2nd leg vs Athletic, and he definitely caught the eyes of the fans in attendance.

A lot will rest on the midfield selection by Pablo Machín. With Mesa out, Amadou has shown enough to be a worthy starter. For the umpteenth time, the Sarabia-Banega-Vázquez tandem has run its course. This is a monumental game as the chasing pack is gaining ground, and now the first rival has caught up. Time to handle Los Merengues.

Lucha por lo que amas.


RM have set everything up to win this one as it would mean a lot for them in terms of table position, prestige, confidence etc. at this point of the season.

For us, it might mean a lot, but even a draw would do. The only thing that keeps me optimistic is that RM has lost many matches so far in La Liga and most recently lost 0-2 at home to Real Sociedad. I want to believe that we’re better than Sociedad and in a great day, we can even beat RM playing away.

It will definitely be very difficult, but I’m hoping for a draw at least. No humiliation like last season please!



3 points would be great to keep up the pressure on Atletico, but I will settle for 1. One thing in our favour is that after Alaves lost last night a defeat will only move us from 3rd to 4th.

I’m just hoping that I don’t have to turn off the tv at half time as I did last season.


I think Gil has played three times with a total of about 30 minutes, and I haven’t seen anyone capable of getting the ball off him yet. But he’s a player for the most forward positions.

Marcello out because Navas always makes a fool of him.

We are in with a chance here, this Madrid is really not functioning well.

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Banega with what is becoming a characteristic give away that leads to a shot on goal by Junior Vinicius.


And then another Banega error almost leading to goal. Also Mudo 3 errors in failing simple passes. This has to pass, Sevilla must get together.

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Escudero in all his glory…

Escudero with a chance to take the lead and he hits it wide! That was the moment!

Navas somehow gets a cross off with heavy pressure and Silva heads it towards goal, but Courtois makes the save. 25’

Several key pieces not functioning at all. Notably Mudo.

Only Navas and Ben Yedder at their normal level.

Seems we are getting the flow back a bit.

Somehow, when I see Escudero, Alberto Moreno is new Messi for me

A clash of heads leaves Modric and Mudo bloody. Mudo getting a helmet. Modric looks like he needs stitches. Probably at half time.

We started menacing after withstanding their 15-20 minutes of pressure. Mudo hasn’t been too bad in possession, but holding it a bit too long for me. Our back 3 has been pretty solid and has won everything in the air.

Once we get into their half, everything seems to fall into place as we attack in numbers. My worry is once we recover it in our own half, we don’t seem to find our way out. Banega had a shocking start, but later grew into the game. No changes needed so far, but i expect Mudo to tire around the 57’ minute as per usual.

C’mon boys!

Banega and Mudo keeping the ball too much and losing it frequently is not helping at all. RM are sneaky and all they want is to score a goal then play on counters (as always), however, we should approach this match carefully and try to score first, things will change for the better.

Fortunately for us, there is no CR7 anymore that can score anytime anywhere against us and there is no Rico anymore that can concede anytime anywhere.

Even a draw would do, but why not win this? Sociedad have done it, I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t. Although the rain is messing the normal play as well.

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The thing is that RM will step up when it’s a decent team, but will lower their guard against a Real Sociedad or Levante.

WBY runs full length of pitch in pursuit of Carvajal, what a player, defence, midfield, upfield, take note Sarabia.

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Numerous players off their game, Banega and Mudo are not being aggressive in possession and instead want to go for simple flicks and touches which more often than not miss their target or leave a Sevilla player stranded.

I’ve also seen the last 3 matches in full and Andre Silva has not been doing anything of note, I hate to say this but perhaps his hot start was a bit of a blip, numerous times navas has given teasing crosses but he is nowhere to be found, also he hasn’t taken any dangerous shots either, could be a blessing we have not snapped him up yet.

Furthermore, we should be taking this, Real are playing a bunch of second stringers ffs while we are starting the first 11.

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Machin slow to replace Banega with Amadou