Sevilla at Getafe: Matchday 33

No Sarabia. No Carriço. CL spot on the line. Another test for Caparrós as he faces a fancied candidate for the Sevilla job. Who wants it more?

Lucha por lo que amas.


Why was Sarabia left off?

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Weird lineup for both teams.
They don’t have antunes and Amath while starting Gaku,
Caparros change back to 352 and sarabia is “overload”

Sarabia has slight problemas fisicos.

Looks like Escudero has too now.

21’ Mudo chests it down and brushes the crossbar on the volley. First real chance for Sevilla.

24’ Amadou a bad unnecessary challenge results in a yellow card.

27’ WBY with a monster strike that Soria saves.

30’ Lahoz decides there hasn’t been enough yellow and books Banega even though he won the ball. Not a foul at all.

what’s the point of protesting a video review decision?

32’ VAR gives a terrible fucking penalty for a hand ball that Mudo knew nothing about. And he’s handing cards out like they are easter baskets. This ref is a fucking asshole towards Sevilla every match. The announcers are laughing about how bad he is.Mudo gets a yellow, Mercado a yellow, Escudero gets a yellow. Getafe up 1 on the PK.

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This team couldn’t hurt us with anything, so Lahoz gives them a penalty. He’s at it again!!

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hey chris! but who cares if he knew anything about it… it clearly touched his hand when his hand was in the air. it was unlucky, but a clear hand ball, no?

Forced by Banega who lost the ball and gave Getafe a promising break !

the ol hand to ball versus ball to hand right?

i guess i’ve lost track of those since they always seem so profoundly arbitrary. but if that was in the other direction, we’d be furious if we didn’t get the call. my understanding was that if your hand/arm are out, you’re exposed to risk. but i could def be wrong on that.

BTW, the handball rules is going to change starting next season. along with VAR, there’s gonna be a ton of penalty next season.

what’s the actual rule change?

Sounds like it doesn’t matter if a handballed player is deliberated or not starting next season.

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thanks! but appreciating the rules better for this year, im now more outraged, even if i think it would still be called about 75% of the time (and 100% if it was in favor of real or barca)

Do we have to start playing football with straight jackets on? When you jump your hands go in the air naturally. There was nothing unnatural about Mudo’s hand position imo. If there is no intention to stop the ball or change direction, it shouldn’t be a handball. Mudo knew nothing about that ball going off his hand;