Sevilla at Espanyol: Matchday 28

Yet another new era begins, but this time with a bit more hope. If you haven’t already heard, Pablo Machín was sacked following Sevilla’s elimination from the Europa League last Thursday. It was quite a dramatic way to go out, and Caparrós made the decision to part ways with the manager and take his place for the rest of the season. So who will then be our sporting director?

A lot of this hope can be attributed to the signs pointing towards Monchi’s return. The tone in which President Castro spoke about their negotiations made it plausible, and now with Monchi’s cryptic message we can now rest assured that he’ll be presented sometime this week.

Bringing us back to the task at hand, an away trip to Espanyol awaits us. An away match anywhere should spell trouble for Sevillistas as we’re now winless in 10 matches on the road. Will the ‘new manager bounce’ work in our favour? The team has arrived in Barcelona with this list of 19 players:

One notable absentee is Sarabia, who misses out for fitness issues; while Amadou reclaims his place in the squad. 3 goalkeepers have travelled, so there may be a last-minute decision on whether Vaclík will be fit for this match. Caparrós has largely preferred the 4-4-2 throughout his career, so I don’t see him messing around with Machín’s 3-5-2 business. I presume it would look something like this:

Navas - Mercado - Gómez - Wöber
Vázquez - Mesa - Banega - Promes
Munir - Ben Yedder

A win here will do a world of good as Valencia host Getafe right after we play.

Lucha por lo que amas.
¡Vamos mi Sevilla!



I hope Kjaer was dropped and not injured or anything. Kjaer doesn’t deserve to start in any of the remaining matches, only benched at most. He was absolutely terrible vs. Slavia and totally out of form in overall, too soft and making stupid mistakes left and right.

It’ll be interesting to see how Caparros will line this team up vs. Espanyol.


Seems like he was dropped. He’s a great aerial presence for our backline, but i’m still indifferent about him after last seasons woes, manitas and all.

Hmm… interesting. A 3-5-2 from Caparros as well. He probably didn’t want a shock change in formation before the international break.

The line-up seems solid, but not too much of a difference of that of Machin. Let’s see how it pans out today.

Expecting a positive result.


One thing Machín always neglected was the midfield. Banega finally playing with some muscle alongside him.

Vaclík is still injured and will be replaced by Juan Soriano.

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Ok, it’s definitely a back 4. Banega kinda playing an inside-right role. But the importance is Promes is in his natural position on the left. Gracias patrón!

Can’t believe my eyes. We have CMs holding their position and actually protecting the backline.

First 15 minutes passed, and it’s a bit sloppy. We’re not used to this setup yet, and it’s showing in the pressing off the ball. Banega seems a but limited being forced out wide.

22’ - Shot goes wide from Banega from just outside the box. We’re growing into the game. We look very organized.

28’ - Dangerous cross by Promes almost finds Wissam. Corner given.

Sramble almost resuting in a Gonalons goal.

Que pasa con André Silva? He’s been very timid lately. Afraid to shoot.

41’ - Following play sees WBY create space in the box, but sends a low shot wide. Close to being the opener.

0-0 HT. Frustrating half offensively, but we’re really compact on the defensive end. Promes has threatened to break ankles from minute 1, but out strikers are being marked out. Banega is making the most of his RM role, allowing Navas to overlap per usual, but he’s looking for that Hollywood pass little too much.

Gonalons & Amadou have been solid and are building some good chemistry. Maxime is more of a holder, and Ibrahim being the willing runner, who just has to work on his final ball. He’s found himself in some good positions.

Our frontmen seem laboured. In Silva’s case, not as hard-working as earlier this season, and is getting bullied by Hermoso & Naldo. The cliché “loss in confidence” can be applied here.

Not too bad of a first 45 for Caparrós men. We’re not giving away too much. A bit sloppy in possession at times, but we’re doing better at controlling the match. Vamos muchachos¡!

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52 - Promes plays in André Silva who wins a penalty with clever play vs Hermoso…

Ben Yedder steps up scores the resulting pen. 1-0 Sevilla. VAMOS¡!

61’ - We been keeping the ball, slowing the game down with Gonalons setting the pace.

63’ - Munir comes in for André Silva for a much needed change. Hopefully another golazo incoming for El-Haddadi. :pray:

64’ - This just in. You’re not allowed to slide tackle in Spanish football, even if you get the ball. Wöber is booked and FK given about 35 yards out.

Nothing comes of it though.

68’ - Dodged bullet. Borja & Pérez link up in the box, but Mercado forces Perez out wide who shoots into the side netting.

Following attack has Wu Lei produce some lovely footwork, but has his shot saved by Soriano. Pressure is on.

73’ - It’s attack after attack for Espanyol. Yet another corner.

74’ - Amadou comes off for Marko Rog.

76’ - Yellow for Carriço for foul outside the box. Ojo.

And the kick is good… for NFL standards. Dodged another bullet.