Sevilla at Celta Vigo: Matchday 22

So many signals point to this matchup being a trap game. Away trip? Check. Manager fighting for his job? Check. Team battling relegation? You bet. High-scoring {4th highest with 33} Celta Vigo find themselves in 18th place after free-falling from a blistering start to the season. Sevilla’s job here is to keep that pressure with them, and hope to improve an average away record (3-4-4). Will the frustrations from midweek manifest into another rout?

The squad has been stretched so thin that any newcomer is a breath of fresh air. Machín stated that Marko Rog will be making his debut at Balaídos. Escudero & Wöber have recovered from their respective knocks, but we’ll see if they get rushed back to start. It is a list of 19 players, so someone will be left out.

No away match is easy, but Sevilla should come away from here with the 3 points. Anything less, then we’re really sending out distress signals.

Lucha por lo que amas.

Lineup is out:

No Wober?

We stuffed up there last year, first full game of Arana and he scored 2 own gols and today we pick him with Escudero on the bench. Well he did look a little more Brazilian against Barca but that’s wishful thinking.

Whatever, the manager should know who is at their best and who is below level.

No injuries please, especially to newcomers and rising stars Promes, Rog and Wober.

Sevilla really need to stamp their authority on the game and their 4th place. But I fear we may be in a difficult spell.

8 minutes in and Sevilla look OK. I would have liked to see Amadou if Mesa is not there, and perhaps we could have risked Rog from the start and leave Banega on the bench.

Big thing here is the manager of Celta, they should really have fired him last week, hopefully now is the game that will seal his fate, because Celta are in the bottom 3.

This will be another awful game away… so boring…

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And yup Sarabia, again, not interested in playing…

I believe you, apart from Sevilla looking light weight, Celta look the same but they have the home crowd behind them. Referee doesn’t give yellow for Arana’s bloody nose.

They are playing without Aspas…

Really average game and boring, Sevilla on top from defence but nothing up front, Sevilla need to ignite the game, put on Rog.

And still I am confused why Vasquez is playing at all, his role is to be invisible, by not touching the ball nor even running.

Arana out cannot continue, enter Roque Mesa, Celta fatal ???

We really must be bossing this game.

Banega you really are past sell by date.

Boring game so far. We’re clearly not in this with the right attitude, just as in the one vs. Barca last Wednesday.

Mudo and Banega are disinterested to perform… simply not giving a damn, while this system obviously needs 2 box to box midfielders that will change the game dynamics for the better. Would like to see what Marko Rog can do in the second half.

It would be a big surprise if we take three points out of this one, 1 would be enough.

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Got my doubts for the defence as well. I’m starting to lose trust on Kjaer and Sergi Gomez… especially Kjaer. I think that Wober will take Sergi’s place with time and deservedly so.

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It would be a shame if we dropped points here. We’re playing down to their level. Not enough linking to the forwards, and can’t seem to penetrate in the box (:eyes:). André Silva has been criminally misused for many games this season.

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That was possibly the worst first half, apart from not conceding a goal, that I’ve seen this season. Someone needs to step up to the mark and make a difference. We are null and void presently, Rog is the answer, he’ll stir it up.

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Sarabia has been really terrible tonight. So poor.

Bring the kid on Gil; at least he’ll freaking try to do something.

Tick, tock Machín… :hourglass_flowing_sand: