Sevilla at Barcelona: 2nd leg - CdR QF

Let’s be real. We’re all playing ourselves if we don’t think Messi & co. could wipe this deficit in the matter of minutes. This is a team that have made this trophy theirs for the past 4 seasons, and have the league’s best player playing against his favourite victim. It’s a fair argument to say we didn’t build a big enough lead in the 1st leg, but it’s still a lead. The clean sheet makes this encounter interesting, so we’ll see if our beloved Sevilla are up to the challenge.

The injury crisis just seems to get worse with every game. Frankly, we have no fullbacks. Although Arana is called up, he is also transfer listed. That leaves Promes or Mercado for the right side, and Sarabia or Javi Vázquez (canterano) for the left. New loanee Marko Rog has the chance to debut as he makes his first squad. Wöber picked up a knock as well, but may only feature on the bench. The squad list is as follows:


Our previous match in the Camp Nou (4-2) saw a spectacular Ter Stegen make some top notch saves that ensured Barça took all 3 points. The caveat is that they played without Messi for the majority of that game, even though in those 20-odd minutes he still managed to record a goal & an assist. We didn’t play our best game, but we did manage to create a few chances. (Btw, a 4-2 would be enough to go through today.)

Same as the 1st leg, I’m not expecting much due to our recent away performances (San Mamés victory aside.) But i’d like to see players step up to the occasion and not crumble under the pressure in a big stadium. Eliminating Barça would break this Copa wide open, so why not go for it?



Wouldn’t be a surprise if we get humiliated and knocked out at the same time… anything can happen with Messi. But I still want to believe that the team is mentally prepared not to give away a 2-0 lead and at least try to score 1-2 goals just in case.

I don’t like the official formation. Seems like Wober hasn’t even made it to the bench due to the knock.

Arana and Sergi Gomez vs. Messi on that side… hmmm. I hope Mesa helps them a lot or else it’s going to be a long and unpleasant night for us!

Get ready to suffer Sevillistas, we need to score at least one goal. maybe three

This would be a good time for Roque Mesa to have the game of his life, Promes to grow with his confidence, Sarabia to be consistent, Banega to be disciplined in possession. And most of all, play the game in their half.

It’s also a possibility that after Madrid won 3 Champions that Barca are concentrated in Champions League.

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Starting XI ain’t too bad. First time seeing this Amadou-Mesa-Banega tandem in midfield.

With the Betis game still going, is BeIn moving the game somewhere else?

C’mon BeiN, we tryna see Barcelona v Sevilla. Not their weaker counterparts

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Seems like a defensive lineup and plan will be to introduce WBY and Vazquez later on if we’re need to.

It’s on DAZN if you have it.

Really? Are we doing this today?


Here we go

Damn, why do i always forget that Liga refs suck?

What is the point of VAR? Like for real, that was so bullshit

Fastest VAR in history, and it was wrong, I ask you, is Spanish Football fixed or what?


Sure looks like it. I mean what is the point if you are going to get it that wrong?

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Gotta play it fair. If u gon be a shit ref, keep being shit…


WTF BANEGA!!! my god…

ps. hi everyone!

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