Sevilla at Atlético: Matchday 37

Sevilla’s away record vs Godin’s farewell party. This result may just write itself.

Starting XI:

Our official last chance for 4th spot comes at the Wanda. I’d have more faith if it were a cup tie. But as always… nunca se rinde.


If the liga is a corrupt as I suspect, they will not want Getafe in Champions, and the beneficiaries could be Valencia or Sevilla, today, or in the final game. Barcelona are not playing for anything so it will be quite obvious.

Sevilla playing like it’s not important, can’t say like a friendly because they normally play friendlies with more ambition. There was me thinking 10 minutes gone and no injuries, surely Gonalons has to fall down injured, but I was mistaken, it was on 35 minutes that he fell down injured, I have to dial back the cynicism a little.

1-0 to Atletico, soft goal deflected by Kjaer leaving Vaclic stranded.

Atletico not really too interested but I have a feeling they’ll bury Sevilla before the 90 minutes are up unless Sevilla start the second half with a different attitude.

Getafe goal disallowed, Barca score soon after, ahem (cough).

La Liga can be corrupt for what we know, but what’s also guaranteed is that this current team is shit… and no more than 3-4 players max deserve another season with this shirt.

I just hope that we don’t lose the 6th place to a hungrier Bilbao next week, mainly because it would mess up the calendar so that our folks at the US cannot watch Sevilla play in the US tour in July because of early EL qualifiers.


I think we needed a fully fit squad for this game, and in their best form. It hasn’t worked out at any stage of the season apart from the first few weeks. Looks like we’re going to put the magnificent Aleix Vidal on in the second half, that should revolutionise the team, not.


What a choke!

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Much needed change, Mesa woulda seen red at some point.

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I’m almost sure that only 5th place goes straight to the group stage, in finishing 6th we will have to qualify.

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And to think we would be in 4th heading into the final weekend had we beaten Leganés at home. This is what we deserve.

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6th places goes directly to the group stages as well if the CDR winner is already qualified (Barca or Valencia) to the group stages of EL or above through league position.

It used to be that the 6th place went the playoffs or something like that, but the 7th place always played in July and nowadays the 7th place participates in the early second round of EL which means playing the first leg on 25th of July.

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Thanks Barca for the help, but now it is not needed as both Villarreal and Valladolid who’ll face Getafe and Valencia respectively have officially avoided relegation and will most likely play the final round with a B team or similar. Girona… pathetic getting relegated at home.

But we’re even more pathetic for not capitalizing on many chances to secure the 4th so far.

Now we cannot lose vs. Bilbao as they have a better h2h and will get the 6th leaving us at 7th, so even a draw on the final round would do.

Sarabia (almost left out, but harsh if i did)
Ben Yedder

Tbf, Mercado has battled for us this season, and Sergi Gómez hasn’t really done much wrong. But this team could get blown up for all i care.

I thought we looked much better when Vidal came on.

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Same players for me, only Gil instead of Sarabia and hoping that WBY (I have some doubts) will partner up well with Dabbur for 2019-20.

The goals dried up for WBY, but i think this drop in form coincides with André Silva being out. Mudo has some moments with Wissam, but for the most part he’s lost at sea.

WBY has nearly 30 goals this season. So if a CL team comes in to pay his €30M exit clause, i couldn’t blame him; he deserves better.

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To be fair, Sevilla played better in the second half, obviously Caparros had expressed his displeasure, but Vidal did look great and played well though he had a lot of space.

As for WBY, he’s not had much possession in the last 2 months, he’s just not getting the service. When he has had the ball his touches have been almost totally flawless, and around the box he’s created a lot of danger - but as we all know he’s a finisher not a creater, it just goes to underline that the team is not functioning.

Regarding who to keep, I’m stumped, just can’t say, to be honest, there has to be some radical changes and movement. I’m not even sure about Vaclic since the injury.

This should be a new discussion thread 'Who to Keep Analysis’