Sevilla @ Alaves: Week 13

That’s possibly the slowest lineup imaginable. Mercado at wingback, Mesa over Sarabia. WTF is this? Are we trying to play like Atleti?


Vamos Sevilla! Let’s take back top spot!


We are favourites to win by the gambling syndicates, but I fear the worst. We really need Navas back to function at maximum level. But still, in 3 weeks we’ll be buying new players to cover the deficiencies.

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Nobody linking with the strikers. Wingbacks are nonexistent

Mesa’s gonna get sent off

Banega losing possession, as usual. team not being team. Mesa gets his customary yellow. Still, we should overcome before too long.

Very disappointed in Machin, this is all on him.

Mercado is totally ineffective in that position and Mesa is totally ineffective in overall, whenever he plays. This was well known for everyone except Machin I guess.

Bring on Sarabia and let’s try to do something.

We urgently need a proper right flanker (similar to Navas), a DM and a striker just in case. The defense is solid in overall, but our lack of creativity is hurting us. Where are the bloody counters?

Banega and Mudo should wake up, they’ve been mediocre tonight.

That looked offside but we struggling to create chances. Alaves aren’t allowing us to play our game. I knew this would be tough but I still hope we can save a point at least!

Maybe need to make an early change to the 2nd half!

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!-0 half time. With this referee we don’t stand much chance, really have to up the standard of play. Their goal comes from a player well offside but the ball touches Sergio Gomez and is considered a new move and played on. Well, if you are Barca or Real Madrid this doesn’t happen.

Still, Banega and Vazquez losing possession, has to stop for the team to function.

Only decent player on the bench is Sarabia.

Alaves tactic make this match ugly and boring as hell.
Please bring sarabia and see if we can beat them

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Also, as far as I understand the offside rules - in case of deflection from the opponent, it is considered on-side only if the deflection changes the direction of the ball, which was not the case with Sergi Gomez.

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He’ll come in with a yellow cause he protested the weird decision for allowing the goal. I still think it was offside as the deflection didn’t change the direction of the ball, so the heading pass from the Alaves player went on technically uninterrupted. I might be mistaken but that’s how I always understood it.

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I didn’t know that. The rules change and I don’t get to know somehow.

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Yeah they frequently change and it’s hard to keep up. Before you know it, offsides will be taken out of the game and Filippo Inzaghi will come out of the retirement to play for Milan.

Amadou in for Mesa…

Damn, that was it.

I have to say, this is the worst Sevilla I’ve seen in 15 years.

Total failure to command a game, just looking for lucky counters or whatever might happen, I’m really not satisfied.



Every time.

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Yedder smelling blood

Nice one Ben Yedder! I’m happy with that! Credit to Machín, for making the changes! It worked and we were much better 2nd half. We could have won but it’s a good point at a tough away ground. They been difficult to beat at home.

Yes we lose top spot but we consolidated 2nd place and just a point off Barca! We in the mix and considering we trailed for a long time it’s a point gained. Well done team and manager!