Seven Years Ago Today - Campeones once again

What do you remember from that season and the final? We only made the tournament that year because two teams got disqualified. I think it was Malaga and someone else, I can’t remember. Anyway, hard to believe we won that final. Benfica had Oblak in net and we had a slightly off the line Beto in ours. :slight_smile:



It takes me back. But like you I don’t remember too well. So that would be 2014 and Emery’s first Uefa, but I remember it wasn’t a sparkling game and Gameiro scored the winning penalty even though his knee was totally shot. Instead of falling on his knees he held his two arms aloft. Then during the celebrations Rakitic gave Carriço a kiss on the lips. Gameiro looks about 17 years old in the photo.


I don’t really remember it. I was working when that Final was played so I missed it.


I remember the final well . We were on our way back to the UK for the summer and had stopped off for an overnight stay in Salamanca,
After watching it on tv up to the end of extra time, rather than put myself through the agonies of watching the pens I decided to take our dog out for his last walk of the day.
What a relief it was to see the players celebrating on screen when I got back to the hotel. :trophy: : :medal_sports:


I was 8 I don’t remember that game lol

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Such a pretty town.

I was watching at an Irish bar by myself. The game itself was pretty boring until the penalties. The bar started out the match being empty with just me, the bar keep and the manager. By the end the bar was full and everyone was cheering for Sevilla because I was there being my nutty self.


I go back long enough to remember Salamanca as a La Liga team, crazy how that club went out of business… There are now two teams in that City trying to vie to be THE Salamanca team.

Similar thing happened to Logroñes.