Season 4 - Episode 101 - Sevilla 2023 - Let's GOOOOO!

We are back for Season 4 where we talk about Sevilla FC in English! So sit back, have a cold one, and listen to the fellows talk about the summer transfer window, the #laligasummertour, and more! #sevillafc Spotify: Youtube:


Welcome back, gents. Great pod.

Re: the discussion of La Liga Summer Tour. If the team had actually given an ounce of access to the sevillistas por el mundo, it wouldn’t be necessary to stand around outside the hotel like a creeper to get an autograph and a selfie or two.

Very weak showing from the club in terms of access to supporters. Not a single training in Mexico or SF was remotely open to fans. Even teams with much bigger following like Atlético were opening training to fans. Seemed to hear rumblings that it was Mendi who was not a fan of the preseason travel, and publicity and such, and therefore refused to open the training sessions. Regardless, came away thrilled to have gems like this one, below, but hard to really come away from this tour with the feeling that the team “exists for the fans”, as they’re always saying.

Re: giving hell to the béticos, @sterusebn, heck yes. Chris missed some of it while I was with the Peña Sevillista de México, but I definitely did my best to make sure everyone wearing a :poop: jersey knew that they weren’t on friendly ground whilst sevillistas were in town.

Like Chris said, one of the shocking things was seeing all the Sociedad fans, in particular. Lots of Atlético fans, but mostly “fans”. I heard literally two people trying to get Atlético chants going. When you’re losing on volume to twenty or less sevillistas sitting together, your fanbase deserves the air quotes around “fans”.

Any idea where the fan base comes from? Lots of emigrants 50 years ago or something? Or just a bunch of Americans who have visited San Sebastián and fallen in love with the team?

Funny Sociedad story. I was staying in the hotel in SF with all the ESPN crew, announcers included. And a twenty something year old comes running out of the elevator after the match, and really loudly says “have you seen Mikel Merino?”. And I coincidentally am standing right next to Alejandro Moreno, pictured below, have a cordial chat about SevillaFC and fútbol in general.

And both Alejandro and I reply back to the kid “uh, nope, the team already left the stadium hours ago.” He sorta saunters around the lobby and then goes to Alejandro, “hey, you work on TV, don’t you?”. To which he awkwardly replies “uh, yeah, I’m Alejandro Moreno.”

And the kid yells, “OHHHHH! Alejandro Meriiiiiiino! That must be why someone said Mikel Merino was down here. You’re Alejandro Meriiiino”

Anyways, points to Sociedad for having AT LEAST four times as many fans at the stadium as :poop:, even if this particular fan was a bit confused. Perhaps less Sociedad jerseys than :poop: jerseys because :poop: got a big Mexican following over the years, but similar to Atlético, very deserving of some air quotes around “fans” when it comes to all the folks wearing Lainez and Guardado jerseys. Didn’t hear a single :poop: chant or himno. Lots of Isco fans in the crowd, moreso than :poop: fans, if I’m honest.

So, a bit of a run-on post of a pair of my impressions from the Summer Tour.


Re: Valencia match, really disappointed, obviously, but gotta feel like 1) there’s a foul on Gattoni in the lead up to the VAL goal, and 2) Badé red should be overturned on VAR, and hopefully the team can appeal the suspension for next week’s match, as we really don’t look great without Badé on the pitch.

I like @Edinho 's take on the Super Copa. Not optimistic or pessimistic. But it’s fútbol. We’ll see which teams show up to play. If it’s SevillaFC from Man U or Juve or even Roma matches last season, we may bring home our second Super Copa, after quite the drought. But ya never know.


ALE MORENO !! :raised_hands:

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