S3E4 - Sevilla Loses to Almeria

The latest episode is out now: Lopetegui is on the ropes, Champions League, & more:

Sevilla FC dropped another match, their second loss of the season, against newly promoted Almeria. Lopetegui’s squad is off to the worst start in a decade and nothing seems to be changing. A great goal by Oliver Torres, assisted by Alex Telles put Sevilla up early, but they can’t hold it. Edi, Steve, and Chris discuss where we go from here, the Champion’s League draw, the Women’s success, and more.

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Podcast episode title: greatest understatement ever. I wish it just felt like a loss. Felt like going off a cliff.

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Despite the loss it was a great poddy, great deal of pent-up passion and no shortage of critical opinion :+1:

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Thanks guys! And @RyanMoore thanks for pointing out that the Sevilla stats didn’t update. I had a program crash during editing, I guess I missed that rework :frowning:

I’ll try to fix it later.