S3E16 -

#SevillaFC has been flying high (literally see En-Nesyri) and the podcast crew is back to discuss all the latest. Steve, Chris, and Edi discuss the match results, Bono vs Marko, Juventus, & more.

Spotify: https://bit.ly/3MbcBik
Youtube: https://youtu.be/S0QESwwZybA

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good lord, I’m listening back…anyone want to count my mispronunciations? I really need alcohol before these shows I think.

Great podcast as always guys! Interesting Dmitrovic v Bono discussion… If Bono goes, do we feel like Dmitrovic is solid enough to be the undisputed number one? Or use a bit of Bono money to look for a rising young guy? Who do we have in the cantera? Anyone who could plausibly step up?

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I think so. He’s more solid than keepers of years past IMO (Rico, Vaclik, Beto even).

@SurreySevilla can probably answer the youth question more than I can. I’ve seen highlights of Flores, but just that, highlights.


My only humble request is that it be a goalkeeper capable of scoring goals. Given 1) Mendi seems to like winning in the last breath, and 2) both of our current keepers have scored goals.

PS - Lucas Ocampos could be our backup to Dmi if we sell Bono, right?

The answer still realistically from the Cantera is Alfonso Pastor, he’s had a decent season on loan at Castellon, but I feel like he needs a season on loan in La Segunda to be honest. And I’m not sure if our fans will ever forgive him for the :poop: CdR game.

I’m not a huge fan of Alberto Flores if I’m being completely honest, I think he is quite nervy and flaps a bit. If Bono goes I definitely think we go with Dmoitrovic #1 and then bring in a decent youngish keeper, or a hardened veteran as backup. I always like Dani Cardenas of Levante if I’m being honest (17 clean sheets in 34 starts this year). Or someone like Álvaro Fernandez.

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