S2E29 - We Win at Home!


On the disallowed Mir goal, the post match analysis here said it could be considered a new move and not subject to var, personally I thought it was a foul but I would happily take the no var opinion. Rakitic great header for the other Rafa Mir goal. And looks like Steve changed opinions that the referee was a little bit naughty on balance of the game.

On En Nesyri, I don’t think we’ll ever sell him for less than the €20m we paid and I said when we bought him that it might not work out but we’ll always get at least €20m back.

I don’t think Martial is dribbling so much as guiding the ball through to invite a penalty or foul.

Have Real Madrid got Mateu Laoz lined up for referee with Gonzalez Gonzalez on var?


Madrid have the midweek game, we don’t. They don’t need to beat Sevilla they’ll still stroll to win la liga. I’d say 2-1 to Sevilla too.

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