S2E26 - El Gran Derbi Kicked Ass!


Haha both Rangers and Celtic lost finals in the UEFA cup in the last twenty years. Celtic played Porto in Seville (in Cartuja) and Rangers played the final Vs Zenit the year after Sevilla beat Espanyol in Glasgow :scotland:


Oh really? Maybe I heard wrong on the broadcast. My baggage. I’ll shoot you a refund. :wink:


I remember the year Celtic lost to Porto the other two Semi Finalists were Rangers and Boavista.

Rangers actually got knocked out in the first round mate :joy: The team that beat them then got battered by B3tis

There was a year where the UEFA Cup Semis were Porto v Rangers and Celtic v Boavista, and Im pretty sure it was the year the Final was at La Cartuja. I remember it as I was always confused whose stadium La Cartuja was, then I found out it wasn’t a club stadium.

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