S2E15 - Madrid Heartbreak and Glory in Champions League


Logistics for Chris, we normally take the AVE train to Madrid the day before whether it’s Atletico, Rayo, Getafe or whoever else and fly back. If it’s a v. important game we might fly out to avoid conglomerations of fans.

For Cordoba the AVE takes 35 minutes so we’ll probably go for that (same day) instead of the team coach and take the team coach back because there’s not much chance of an AVE at 11:30 or 12:00 midnight. By coach it will be 1hr 20 mins so that’s quicker than going through airport procedures.


First of all thanks for listening as always.
Second, thanks for the information.
I’m assuming they book a VIP section of the AVE and it has no access from the other cars? I wasn’t sure with Covid, if they were trying to limit access to the team and I wasn’t sure how you do that at the train station.

I did the VIP once from Madrid and it was pretty damn nice. Had a really decent meal.


I got to ride VIP from Madrid one time as well. Crazy how much nicer the AVE in Spain is compared to AMTRAK here in the US.


Night and day. Ridiculous how terrible our train infrastructure is here in the US>

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