Robert Kraft (Owner of American Football's New England Patriots) Rumored to Buy 40% of Sevilla FC

He’s the worst. The Revs still play on a football field.

Hopefully more luck than Asian investors!

Hmm interesting. Have no idea about him or his investments into sport.

Some are saying this is fake, but it got lots of news coverage including ESPN.

Hi guys! I haven’t posted here in a while, but I am always trying to read what you say about the present of our club! :sevillafc:
Well, personally, I wouldn’t mind this, since I like Kraft and I’m already a bit tired of Pepe Castro being the President, but I’ve been investigating and researching online and… I think these news may not be entirely veridical… How Robert Kraft became the subject of a fake soccer report started by Spanish NFL fans :sweat_smile:
If this is true, it has been a spectacular “trolling”, not gonna lie… :joy::joy:

That is freaking hilarious. We need to get Juan on this forum. haha