Real Madrid ticket

Hi there, I’m an Aberdeen supporter visiting Seville in April. What’s the best way of obtaining a ticket for the upcoming game with Real. I despise secondary ticketing sites so was wondering if there are any bars where tourists can pick up spare tickets

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The only way to buy tickets is from the ticket office either in person or on line. Tickets will not go on sale to the general public until a few days before the game ,so keep checking here.

As you can imagine this game will probably sell out, however if you get the message that there are none available keep trying as odd tickets will show up as season ticket holders who can’t go sell their seat back to the club.

Other than that you may come across a tout outside the stadium offering tickets at grossly inflated prices but as always Buyer beware, they may not be genuine.
Good luck.


Thanks mate

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Tickets on sale on website now.

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Thanks very much mate

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Is that the going rate for a ticket to watch them play Real Madrid? :flushed:

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Fraid so, differential pricing makes the big games a bit steep

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Better just to buy from the ticket office then when I get over there?

it might be difficult, because they are only selling returns by season ticket holders. Unless you have a Spanish bank account. I might suggest emailing the club ticket office- SFC - Taquillas at

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Hi G,
I emailed on Saturday so just awaiting a response

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I got a ticket :+1:t3:

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Excellent. If you fancy a beer beforehand, let me know. I have a son in law from Glasgow also attending his first game at Ramon Sanchez Pizuin

I will do mate. Thanks very much.

We are usually found sitting outside De Cañas on Av. Eduardo Dato, near the Gran Plaza if you fancy a beer before the game.
Just look for the couple with the dog.


Cute little dog you got there @Brian

call me on 07817 537936 if you want to meet. Will be in Mr Triton on Eduardo Dato, near stadium. My St Mirrin supporting son in law is with me, attending his first game at RSP tonight.

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will do Graham

Cheers guys.

St.Mirren eh. Good guy. At least it’s not one of the Arse Cheeks :laughing:

I’ll make my way there before the game. Just walked from Tomares to town. Needing a beer now :laughing:

We will be there round about 2 hrs before KO. A nice warm night in forecast

In there now. Warming up nicely

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