Pro Evolution Soccer 21

Thought I would start a little thread for PES. Will probably update how I am getting on when I start a Master League, but for now I have decided to send over the Sevilla details for you lads to have a look at and laugh at. :sweat_smile: If there are any other teams kits / players you want me to send you for comparison with FIFA I am happy to do that. From a video on YT most player faces actually seem a lot more realistic in PES 21 than FIFA 21 despite a few ropey ones.

Sevilla team page, and kits. The Home and Away I think are decent. The Third kit suffers from the poor colouring Konami seem to go with for PES 20-21 as the Navy is too Light and the Fluo Red just looks Red.

Keeper kit I made myself as the Option File I got had us with a Green keeper kit. :thinking:

Right here are the squad. Worth pointing out a lot of the ones with real faces seem to have out of date hair / beards etc.

  1. Vaclik (Mega derpy face, and hair)

  2. Gnagnon (Generic face, not had a go at making him yet)

  3. Sergi Gomez

  4. Rekik (Generic face, I have already had a little go at altering him, changed his hair, given him his goatee etc)

  5. Ocampos

  1. Gudelj (Real face, but way out of date hair and lack of beard)

  2. Suso

  3. Jordan (Obviously not got his bleached hair)

  4. LdJ

  5. Rakitic

  6. Munir

  1. Kounde (They gave him his big hair and now he has changed it! :rofl:)

  2. Bono

  3. Oscar Rodriguez

  4. YEN

  5. Jesus Navas

  6. Vidal

  7. Sergio Escudero

  1. Acuña (Interesting he is mainly a LM over a LB)

  2. Diego Carlos

  3. Oliver Torres (Old hair!)

  4. Mudo Vazquez (Way old appearance)

  5. Idrissi (Weirdly has his real face in game)

  6. Carlos Fernandez (Still had his Generic look from PES 17, 18 and 19, so had a dabble at making him look a lot better)

  7. Fernando

B teamers:

Pablo Perez (No idea what he looks like, not had a go at his look yet)


Javi Diaz (His face made him look about 42 so tried to alter him a bit, especially the hair)

Alfonso Pastor (Again had a little tweak)

This was the look Carlos Fernandez still had that they have used for him for about 4 years. :laughing:

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Noticed they haven’t even put Gudelj as a B rating for Centre Back so will have to do that at some point.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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These were clearly what that look was based on, but to not update his appearance in about 4 years is just lazy.