Pretty Good Article on Montella's Managerial History


Nice article! I personally like him, and I think (and hope!) that Montella could do well as our manager. Bienvenido!

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Here’s another article on Montella’s history:

Keep an eye on the clock when going through this website because one article has links to at least 3 others which are just as interesting.

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We will see what he can do. Hopefully he can improve our pattern of play and we play with more authority in games. Berizzo did ok but we struggled at times to dominate games and we struggled to win against lesser teams and got thrashed off the better teams.

I feel for berizzo with the cancer scare and now losing his job. However, that’s life and let’s hope Montella can improve us and also bring some good players in January!

Vamos sevilla! We fortunate the teams above us bar Barca are in reach! If we can improve we can get back in the mix!

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