Pre-Season: vs Everton / Mainz [2019 Opel Cup]

Saturday, July 27th, 2019
0700 EST / 1300 CET / 2100 AEST


As we continue on with our 3rd stage in the pre-season schedule, we head to Mainz, Germany, where Sevilla takes part in the 2019 version of the Opel Cup. Here we’ll be playing both Everton & Mainz in 60-minute matches (30-min halves).

If there were any suspicions on who might leave, we’ve been given a clearer idea with the squad being trimmed to 27 players. The list is as follows: Vaclík, Javi Díaz, Lucho García, Sergi Gómez, Kjaer, Carriço, Diego Carlos, Kounde, Wöber, Jesús Navas, Corchia, Escudero, Reguilón, Fernando, Gudelj, Jordán, Banega, Óliver Torres, Franco Vázquez, Ocampos, Munir, Pozo, Nolito, Ben Yedder, Dabbur, De Jong & Carlos Fernández.

That leaves a discarded list of: Gnagnon, Aleix Vidal, Arana, Amadou, Roque Mesa, and Sergio Rico, who hasn’t trained all week to due an ocular problem. Cantera players Juanpe, Mena & Lara will also miss the trip.

The only surprise for me there is Gnagnon. Is he on the transfer list? or has he been left out due to his red card against Liverpool? Vamos a ver.

This will be our first chance to see Gudelj {Goo - DEH - li} play in a Sevilla shirt. And with the format of these matches, we might see all 4 of our strikers play, including recently joined Carlos Fernández. We may also figure out which is our preferred defensive pairing.

I won’t predict a score, but there is a trophy at stake. There can only be one result when Sevilla’s involved.

¡A por ellos!


Gnagnon’s absence is a big surprise indeed… I hope it hasn’t had anything to do with that tackle. Pepe and Bruno Alves did much worse stuff but have never been dismissed by the clubs or similar. Give him a ban or similar and that’s it, but never a dismissal, especially considering the circumstances that we elaborate earlier.

Anyway, I’m a bit sad for Amadou while I couldn’t care less about Vidal, Arana, Mesa and especially Rico. Unfortunately, the cantera can’t prove themselves much this pre-season due to the restructuring of the team with the new players - which will take a lot of tests and experiments until they gel under Lope.


I think Gnagnon is being disciplined for the red card personally.

Rico didn’t travel because of an eye injury, although I doubt he will be here come the close of the window anyway.

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Starting XI:

Navas - Kounde - Carriço - Escudero
Óliver - Vázquez
Ocampos - De Jong - Nolito


Good team.

Good line up. Will be a good test for the team today! Plus Lopetegui will get to look at all the new signings more and see how they fit into his style.

Plus there are still a few transfers in and out the club still to happen in next few weeks!

Vamos Sevilla!

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Just watched this from VamosMiSevilla… lol


Any idea on the subs? Or is it literally every player who isn’t in the starting XI is on the bench?

Do we have two games today? Or one today and one tomorrow?

Both matches are today. The other starts in about an hour.

Not bad, but could’ve been better. Still can’t properly judge the team so far. We’ll have a clearer view after the friendly vs. Granada come 9th of August.

I’m not sure on the subs, and how much are allowed. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

We started well, but then Everton started to defend better. We found it harder to penetrate. Fernando doing a great job of opening up play. Not enough from the actual creative midfielders. Ocampos’ been good on both sides of the ball. Kounde struggling to get the ball out and often misplacing passes.

I do love this seasons Home kit. Such a shame RB Leipzig have exactly the same Shirt.

Have our players signed up for a job lot of bastard hair dye colours this summer? :rofl:


Fernando is tremendous, a good buy. Koundé also. Haven’t seen De Jong touch the ball, is he on the pitch?
Navas a fish out of water, not fitting into the system, not really his fault.
Ocampos so far is a bit crazy.
If Joan Jordon comes on, watch out for his final ball, he does everything well in work and recovering possession, but I’ve been a bit disappointed with some of his forward passing.

More complaints, Dear Sevilla, if you’re doing a live broadcast, start it early to iron out the problems before the game starts.


Seems like the same XI will start the 2nd half.

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Guess that means second game will see a completely different XI play most if not all of that game.

Javi Diaz

Corchia - Diego Carlos - Wöber - Reguilon

Jordan - Gudelj - Banega

Dabbur - Ben Yedder - Munir



Goal! Ocampos! Vamos Sevilla!


Get in! How are you guys watching this by the way?


1-0 Final. First clean sheet of the pre-season. Nice pen won by Ocampos. The lead up to the foul showcased a lot of his tools… winning the ball in the air, his linkup with De Jong, the pace to get away from his marker, and then the skill to draw the foul. Bravo Lucas. His shooting has been off though, i can’t lie. :joy:



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