Player List For Celta

No Muriel or Escudero - Carlos Fernandez gets the call up

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Also still no Rogue Mesa.

Yeah that’s quite weird. It seems that Montella definitely doesn’t like him at all. I think he would’ve done a better job than Pizarro vs. Bayern though.

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Of course. He’s more similar to Banega

Interesting starting lineup:


Layun - Kjaer - Carrico - Arana

N’Zonz - Pizarro

Sarabia Correa


We need the 3 points today!

This could be another Eibar with that defence.

Bit of a disaster before kick off, Correa injured in warm up, Sandro plays.

Also Montellas team selection says ‘Were not really interested in winning this game’

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Sandro is fast. Never realized it. He can’t score either when 1v1

Another damn own goal. This is getting ridiculous

It seems that the “new Marcelo” is very slow, definitely not a Marcelo potential. Kjaer is injured, I think it was bad enough to get him out but I hope it isn’t ACL or some sort so that he doesn’t miss the World Cup.

We’re playing terribly, the players simply seem disinterested. Also, Sandro should’ve scored one of those 2 great chances, especially the first one (1v1), that shouldn’t be missed by a professional player!

Muriel not even in the list… Montella is such a weird coach. I’d get Nolito in for Sarabia and switch Sandro to the right, or bring Navas on. If we lose this one, the 7th place is seriously at risk.

We don’t have much possession where it matters. It’s all getting lost in the middle third. And seeing that we lack ability in the counter-attack, who knows where our goals will come from.

I like Sandro’s energy and work rate. He’s doing his best with the chance he’s been given, and looks our most dangerous player out there. Soria has done well this half, and once again, not at fault for the goal. So unlucky. Also, Lenglet can’t get no rest. Our CBs are cursed.

Lastly, I don’t like the double-pivot for this game; it feels restrictive. Just bring in Nolito and play both strikers up top. Banega & Nzonzi can hold it down themselves.

Not just an own goal but offside, bad luck.

But own goals don’t originate from bad luck, they come from being under pressure and disorganization. Emery had two in his 3 and a half years, we’ve conceded three on the bounce under Montella. And the two suffered by Emery were not really own goals because they weren’t deflected in, the ball was going to enter the goal in anycase, but they were declared OG’s because of the vagueness of the rules.

Sevilla don’t look too bad, much more enterprising than Celta, still lots of problems though and injuries are piling up. And the players are playing their hearts out as far as I can see…

How do we always manage to hit the goalkeeper when 1 on 1 now Ben Yedder does it again

That’s it. All over, this liga season has finished for us

Just as I feared. This is Eibar all over again

It all start from terrible transfer in both windows by Arias.
I feel that he might do it terribly again in August.
Meanwhile, Valencia is trying to buy Guedes.

This is pathetic. I’m done with montella.

Yep. Prolly another 5-goal Sevilla special.

Are the locals done with Montella and Castro and Arias yet?

Damn Soria would have saved that if Arana didn’t get a touch

What I would give to have Aspas back on Sevilla