Pick The New Sevilla Mascot

I think mascots are dumb, but I went with the old abuelo!


I voted Olé. Do we need a mascot though? :confused:

I’m not a mascot fan either but I guess it is nice for the kids. I think the marketing department could probably have narrowed it down to less than 28 choices before putting it to a vote. Giraldin is currently winning, probably because it is the first option.

Yeah because people think you can click on it to make it bigger. The UI is terrible.

I second that. Voted for the old bloke as well.

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If the old bloke wins I could apply for the job, they wouldn’t even have to supply a costume :grinning::grinning:


as a Millwall fan i think the lion should win lol. However, it should be something more relevant to the city

All I know is that building head guy that is winning should not be winning. :sweat_smile:

Don’t want no stupid mascots, football is a serious game, weell apart from Real Betis. No seriously, we had some artificial mascots years back, they were like long tubes inflated with compressed air making them flap around all the tiime, and they’d often get in the way of the game. And these stupid animal suits are just childish. Don’t want, full stop.

It’s not terrible and a iconic symbol for the city, but for a mascot…nah.

Did anything ever come of this by the way?

Wow, i totally forgot about this! :laughing:

Same, but I was scrolling through looking for another thread and saw this and there was never any result put on here… :man_shrugging:t2:

I asked a contact with the team and he said nothing is new. The club didn’t like any of them, so nothing moved.

To be fair they were all pretty rubbish. :sweat_smile:

What about a toothless lion that rolls over for a belly rub any time someone gets close?

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I told him that we all agreed with their assessment. haha

Is that a metaphor for the JLo offense?