Pablo Sarabia García

With a big game coming up against Getafe this weekend, it seems appropriate to highlight one of their former players who is having himself a spectacular campaign. He was also selected as the player of the week for registering another goal & assist in the derby. No other Spanish player has more goals (22) & assists (15) than Pablo Sarabia García this season. He has formed one of the most prolific partnerships in Sevilla’s history with Wissam Ben Yedder, rivalling the numbers of the godly duo in Kanoute & Fabiano.

So, how has he not yet featured for Spain? Perhaps Luis Enrique is a complicated figure, and it takes a lot to convince him. Perhaps, as we’ve seen in certain games, he may be a bit too inconsistent to be considered to play at national team level. But how inconsistent is he?

Dating from the 1st qualifying round of the Europa League, Sarabia has not directly contributed to a goal in 23 of 48 matches (48%) he played this season {16 of which were starts (33%)}. Now, not getting a goal or assist doesn’t mean he played badly in those games. But the eye test always tells more than stats.

I’ll use a recent example, the Slavia Prague matches. That elimination in the away leg was extremely unlucky, but when your team is playing a crunch game, you need the big players to step up. I often see him shy away in these occasions. I could recall the same type of performance at the Bernabéu. You would think as a former RM Castilla product that he would relish the opportunity and prove he’s more worthy of a spot than the likes of Lucas Vázquez. Keep in mind that Machín’s tactics of playing a midfield trio of Sarabia-Banega-Vázquez was an absolute joke, so he wasn’t necessarily in a position to succeed. That game was up for the taking, and then we let Modrić do his thing.

However, I thought in the 2nd leg CdR match at Camp Nou that he was somewhat decent. It wasn’t his best game by far, but i felt he tried his hardest to make an impact, playing as a support striker behind Silva. But we all know how that match ended.

To his credit, Sarabia has displayed his versatility this season after featuring in various positions, particularly at RCM in a 3-man midfield in Machín’s system. In my opinion, this is where his playing position should evolve to. Unless we decide to continue with 2 strikers next season, he should play in the hole in a 4-2-3-1 or combine with Banega & another DM in a 4-3-3. What do you guys think?

I find a poll to be very limiting for this topic, as i respect everyone’s opinion on here. Should we keep Sarabia? or is he that inconsistent that we should just take the €18M? If he stays, does he need to play a more central role, or is he fine where he is at RW? Answer however you’d like.

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Great post! I think we should without a doubt keep Sarabia if possible without breaking the bank of course. I also agree that he should be moved to a more roaming attacking mid role. I am a believer of quick wingers and Sarabia lacks the pace to fit into that roll.

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He’s the best player in the squad, and he should be paid as such and kept unless someone pays what he is worth (40m). But we need to pay him and raise his release clause first.

I don’t get the inconsistency criticism. No player scores or assists in every match. The return he’s given while spending a significant time in midfield is extraordinary. And I don’t get the criticism about his performance in big matches. He was great against Leicester and Bayern in the Champions League, and against Barca multiple times this season.

He is the creative engine of this squad. Banega can’t be that guy anymore. He’s fine at RW, CAM or as a second striker. As long as he’s close to goal.

With respect to WBY and Navas, he’s our player of the season without a doubt.

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Well, it’s not like we expect him or anyone to score or assist in every match, that cannot be expected none of the current Sevilla players or we’d be unrealistic. The thing is Sarabia was brilliant in 1 match and then extremely poor in 2-3 other matches. That’s a very bipolar form and dangerous if we need to step it up for a bigger project. I’d still keep him, but if someone pays 40+ mill then that would be ideal. There’s a reason he didn’t get picked up for the Spain NT and his 7 years older colleague (Navas) did.

I still think Navas was and is our best player this season, accompanied by WBY. Between Banega and Sarabia I’d keep Sarabia.

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I could never expect any player to have a goal or assist in every game. This isn’t hockey. If anything, those stats show just how much he’s contributed, and that’s as a midfielder.

Season after season he’s given us a double-double (at least 10 goals & 10 assists). This year he’s in good company with players like Messi, Hazard, Nicolas Pepe & Jadon Sancho. I’d say he’s been our MVP.

He’ll make decision after the end of this season. Sounds like he will go no matter what. Maybe Monchi can turn things around but I won’t put hope on this.

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Well he’s out of the Getafe game with problemas fisicos

But as far as his indifferent form is concerned, he’s looking more consistent now and still improving, for me he’s forgiven, he played a few games injured and I’m not convinced the club knew in advance, any player that wants to play even though he’s injured is committed to the cause. And of course he has a new freedom of position under Caparros.

Hey Chris, DC United look good, I saw the highlights against Colorado Rapids (love that name). The standard of US football is soaring.


Reports in Diario de Sevilla stating that Sarabias’ agent has been in talks with Valencia today.

It would grind my fxckin gears if he went to Valencia. That’s a lateral move. But hey, if they gon pay him more…

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Scrub my previous comments on him, he’s reverted back to inconsistency and has the crazy spooky eyes once again. We need consistent players who are committed to the club, bye-bye.

It’s the club’s fault if they won’t pay him enough to keep him from moving to Valencia.

Hi Tim, sorry I missed that last piece of your post. DCU has been sliding a bit lately, but over all we have improved. Rooney is pure class.

How did we not foresee this? :sweat_smile:

I will always wonder what could have been, but he gave us 3 seasons, and stood out in every one of them. Forever grateful.


Christin asked me this morning if I was sad that he was leaving. I told her, we kind of knew he was leaving since January when he didn’t renew. He was really good for Sevilla and made us a nice profit. Bought for less than 1 million Euros, sold for 20!

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