Pablo Machin - Welcome to Sevilla

Maybe not the big name that we wanted, but will be interesting to see how Machin works out, he worked wonders with Girona and is well thought of there

Yeah curioso about everyone’s opinion. I know nothing about him.

Barely watched any Girona matches this season except for our away trip there. I’ll try to watch a few this summer. The verdict is he did a good job there and had them playing well. I’m sure he’ll stick with his 3-CB lineup and maybe that’s the best for our defense right now. A defender with Pareja’s vision is key here, but Nico’s gotta be done, no?

Either way, welcome to Andalucia’s best Pablo!

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He’s a very good manager, I think everyone will be pleased. He was at the top of my wish list, very calm, doesn’t go armwaving or into contortions like Simeone or Sampaoli.

Girona played some delightful football early in the season, especially counterattacking, then settled down to consolidate their position in the top half, and failed with a late push for Europe (thank the lord).

Anyone who can get that amount of goals out of Stuani (21), is somewhere close to genius.

He hasn’t got much of a personal team so he’ll have to build that with Sevilla.

He’ll need to adapt to the squad and the squad changes but the good thing is he’s arrived before the pre-season.

Players will have to work their asses off for him. And perhaps most important, he’s Spanish.


I know nothing about him and I’ve seen very little of Girona, though their achievement is definitely worth a praise and now I’m a bit more optimistic after your remarks.

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Welcome to the club Pablo Machin!

I also have very little knowledge on him other than what I have read in the last few hours and his impressive work at Girona.

Look forward to seeing him bring us back to the champions league!

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An exciting appointment. He worked wonders at Girona. Let’s hope he takes us back to the promise land!