Of the Three Relegated Teams - What Players Would You Want for Sevilla?

Of the three relegated teams, Espanyol, Valladolid, and Elche, which of their players would you want for Sevilla FC?




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I’ve always liked Alvaro Fernandez as a keeper, as a backup if Bono goes I’d be happy.

I see my old favourite Darwin Machis is at Valladolid. :eyes:


Sergi Gomez, Denis Suarez, Aleix Vidal, Roque Mesa and Sergio Escudero :laughing:


Joselu, Fresenda

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Glad you added the laughing emoji or I would have been very sad for you! :laughing:

Living in the past, lol

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Here’s a quick shopping list for Monchi.

Gonzalo Plata (my favorite player from Ecuador MNT. A right winger, maybe we loan out Montiel to Ajax? Or keep Montiel and let them both compete if Navas leaves)
Lucas Boyé (yes, please)
Pere Milla (maybe too old to waste our time)
José Ángel Carmona (lol)

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Good shout

Fresenda is the best of the crop but Madrid have all but snapped him up.

Enzo Roco and Darder were my go-tos in FM saves as they were cheap and reliable, not sure if they can replicate it in real life especially the former.


Pedrosa is one of the ones rumored. Injured most of the year with a groin tear I think.

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The La Liga title is secured. What a relief!

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I’m not sure if any of Y’all have noticed considering how low they’ve been, but if Recreativo de Huelva win their promotion playoff game next week, they will have been promoted 2 times in a row and will be potentially one season out from La Liga SmartBank. It’s been way too long since the oldest club in Spain (an Andalucian club mind you) was in a top league. Gotta bring them back up and turn Málaga around.


About time Real Jaen got back up too then. :joy: Absolutely no idea what division they are in these days mind you.

Apparently they have been in Tercera since 2017.


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I bet the concessions stands at that stadium have some great olive oil for sale…lol

Built the stadium practically in the middle of an olive grove


Actually looks like a fun location

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