N'Zonzi wants to leave?


He had all summer. It’s too late now. Don’t even pick up the phone. If Juve want him, they can deliver a 40m euro check to La Liga’s office. Otherwise, they can fuck off.


:100:% It’s show time and N’zonzi is a star. We don’t have any understudies available so he needs to wait until January or next summer.

I doubt this is anything new. I think this particular story is out because there’s been a lack of offers, and Sevilla wants to accelerate the sale so we can make our final purchases. I feel N’Zonzi isn’t getting the look he desires from the France NT, so a move seems necessary for him. I’d hate for him to leave, but as a fan of his talent, I’ll respect his decision.

don’t think there is a team willing to spend 40m on NZonzi. Not that he is not worth it, there hasnt been any official offer until now, and there are only 2 weeks left. Also, I dont understand how he cannot be part of the France team.

Deschamps is quite an idiot. He didn’t call up Gameiro while at Sevilla, and then the moment he joined Atletico he was called up… like a couple of months later or so, which didn’t make any sense as a player cannot be more skilled or worthier of a call just because he plays in a bigger team. Gameiro’s skills were the same, and ironically, he performed way worse in Atletico, yet still gets called up, because he’s not in Sevilla anymore. Douchy Dechamps!

The same with N’Zonzi.

There are a lot of rumors lately about loaning Marcos Llorente of RM, a very good DM/CM who can cover up for N’Zonzi when he doesn’t play, also reminds me of Krycho a bit… though a weaker version of Krycho of course, but he’s young and we can develop him into something greater, just like N’Zonzi when he came from Stoke, physically great but mentally and technically not, so we crafted him and now he’s a beast. The loan deal of Llorente might also have a purchase option, which is perfect.

With N’Zonzi, Llorente, Pizarro and Banega, we can really do some heavy damage. All of them can play in CM/DM roles and we would be set for good in the midfield.

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Ok, it seems that the N’Zonzi saga ends today as Juve are about to confirm Matuidi as their newest signing. The deal has been reached and the official signing is hours away.

Barca also signed Paulinho so now N’Zonzi cannot go anywhere (unless some club in China pays 40 m for him, but surely N’Zonzi wants to play in Europe… or not?)