Nike Sevilla 18-19 Home & Away Kits

The pre-season is already in full progress. New season also means new kits. Different than recent years, this years kits are made by Nike.

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Found leaked pictures of the new kits. They look really basic to me, although I quite like the combination of two red colors for the away kit. What do you think?

Looking pretty good so far. Not a huge fan of the maroon. Can’t wait to see the third kit! Hopefully we can get better access to Sevilla gear here in the US with Nike!

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I do like the look of them! And I am also in hope Nike bring some access to Australia. As anything Sevilla is impossible to find in stores over here. Only Barca, Real and some Atletico from La Liga really.

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Darren you can buy anything stocked in the club shop on-line, They will ship to any country, although the price quoted for Australia is very expensive @ 50€

Are you a paid actor by NASA Brian? :stuck_out_tongue:

Design is too damn generic, as expected by Nike.
Not a bad thing though, compare to those odd design by joma.

Yeah I have looked at this before… but 50 euro is too steep. I have been lucky enough to be in Sevilla three times since 2010 and each time stocked up on gear but would be nice to see kits in stores here.

Their shipping prices are way too high. I think 35 or 40 euros to the US.