New Webstore is Live

Thanks to whoever bought some stickers and buttons.

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Office Tv Youre Welcome GIF by The Office

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Where do the goods ship from @ChrisLail ?

There is a EU store and a US store. I’m not exactly sure where in the EU it ships from though. I can try to find out.

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I want a couple of those caps, I’ll have a peek at the transport costs or it will be new stickers on my old caps. :grin:

So far I’ve made $40.79 from you fine folks buying things. Well not really, because I bought some things too, but anyway. I just wanted to say thanks, every little bit helps. I’ve cut back on some of the expenses with the site since we aren’t doing as many podcasts right now and I got access back to Adobe Premiere Pro instead of paying for another service.

Anyway, there is still a long way to recoup my investment so if you decide you want to buy a T-shirt or something, I would be most obliged.

NAM Store -
UK -
European -
Spain -

Anyway, today is 25% off if you click the redeem code under the product categories.

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